The Photographic Subject

When we were first married, Mr Geek used to take photos of me doing everyday stuff as a romantic thing.

These days, on a good day he’ll grab my phone and take photos of me doing “weird” stuff to add to the mind map.


On these good days I’m happier to add photos rather than perform like a monkey at doctors appointments when I’m tired and in pain.

It works for most. I’m just hoping this is sufficient for the string of specialists that I’m waiting to see, if nothing other than for protection of any more damage!

(Getting up from that yoga mat was nothing short of hilarious)

Edit: later in the evening we also took some screen captures of my heart rate from laying down to standing up. It was a test to rule out any worries about why I keep getting stabbing headaches in the morning as I get up and swooning like Colin Firth just walked into the room shirt billowing…. ahem… ‘scuse me….


It did bugger all to alleviate any worrying & I may just email these into my GP (I’m not sure I can tolerate seeing him twice in a week). I would’ve stood for longer, but the you’re going to faint buzz at the top of my head kicked in 😦


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