The Bucket List

Now, I have no idea whether the end is nigh or not. But in the essence of this blog which is about living life properly instead of stodging my way through life causing all sorts of stress related issues, I present to you the list derived from my ongoing mid-life crisis.

This is in no way a definitive list and is a work in process as I find stuff that frankly needs to be done. As it gets done, I will check it off the list.

So for now, these are the things that I fully intend to do / have done before I die.

Enter a roller derby as fresh meat. (this is on the back burner until I can locate an exoskeleton)

Be more qualified than my mum! 

be the proud mum of bridesmaids


build a house
Ok, it wasn’t from scratch, but very little remains of the original house. And we are NEVER doing this again. Ever.


go to Iceland
And not the shop…


have a family
And a lovely one at that.


meet our TinyPants (who turned 9 in 2015!)

Get married
(and intend to stay that way!)


go to university
I didn’t do it the ‘normal’ way. But I’m now all academic and even have a post grad teaching qualification and have now signed up for the next level 🙂


Carry a child
(That was my one and only beer whilst pregnant! This was with BeanPole)


The end?

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