Positive Mental Attitude My Arse

I’ve never tolerated over enthusiastic people very well (unless it’s about coding,  or gaming …). I am really rather British about the whole thing and as a general rule extreme emotions terrify me.

My stiff upper lip and stoicism is practiced and rehearsed daily. I’m fine! At least I have fun painkillers! Ah well, could be worse, my leg could actually fall off!

The last time I cried was last weekend. But that was not in front of people. And it was only because I was tired and really sad that my friends had all gone. I don’t make friends easily, I never have, but I was at ease with real people 🙂
I thought I’d lost that when Mrs Gypsytree left. I’d wanted to give one particular person a hug before they left, because they’d made a weird situation totally normal. I kicked myself for that afterwards. But not being a hugging person normally, I went Sheldon about it all.
Public leaking is to be avoided at all costs. We are not sad. It’s just raining on our face.

Any form of anger & resentment must be stored in an airtight container and sat on…. Until I fall off and express a completely irrational rant at someone who probably doesn’t deserve it.

And today, it’s you, you bloody chirpy over optimistic gits with your mood enhancing memes.


Piss off. I’m British. If I didn’t complain about something, I’d die. It’s a bonding ritual! It’s the way we deal with our anger. We don’t have guns you see, so when people drive us crazy, we internalise it all and it escapes in tiny pieces of irritable sniping like a fart that you just can’t hold in. (Except we would hold that in).

Add to this the current bloggers using the invisible illness awareness week to push the idea that exercise will cure everything because you just need to work with your body and clean air….. just try making my body run. Actually, try getting my body to get in and out of the bath. Now tell me I get out what I put in. In the words of my daughter “what’s that on your face???!” *slaps me* “it’s pain”.


This equally applies to any gym instructor who uses the word “buddy” or whoops unnecessarily during a class (hint: it’s never necessary to whoop).

A positive mental attitude in true British terms is : this current situation may be a pile of donkey crap, but we shall car
ry on and ignore it. Nothing to see here. Good day sir.



7 thoughts on “Positive Mental Attitude My Arse

  1. Ahaha. I love it, this is me too. I’ve luckily avoided seeing any stupid invisible illness posts about that kind of thing. But have seen lots of unbearably positive memes lately.

    And I’ve got to try that slapping joke out on someone!


    • I keep a folder on my computer for “unintentionally offensive memes”. I think one day I will do a series of posts reviewing them. Systematically explaining why forceful optimism is vulgar, one meme at a time. Fantasizing about doing that helps me cope with them when I see them. Though I avoid the meme-ier social networking sites for precisely this reason.

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  2. One of my biggest pet peeves is the passive aggressive ways that happy/optimistic people shame people who are not happy/optimistic. I went on a disability group page on google+, and the moderator posted a meme that said: “The only disability is a bad attitude!” Complete with marathon runner with metal legs talking to a little kid holding a puppy. I decided not to tell that person exactly what I thought of their meme.

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