Social contact isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be

It’s that time of year when I feel the need to blog again. Maybe next time it will be longer, but for now I’ll post the current round robin Facebook status that I wasn’t sure I wanted to share quite so publicly.

Age I fell pregnant: 20, 23, 24, 25

Age I gave birth: 24, 26

Due Date: 01/01, 08/04, 12/04, 06/06

Day I gave birth: 30/10/04, 08/03/06

Pain Relief: gas & morphine & epidural,  gas & spinal block

Time in labour: 52 hours, 27 hours

Time born: 5.32am, 7.34pm

Weight: 5 lb 10,  3 lb 10

Sex: girl, girl

Baby’s name: Charlotte, Evelyn

It’s meant to be about being a proud mum. I am. But it’s uncomfortable acknowledging the other, less socially acceptable information. No one wants to Facebook about death now do they?