Exercising when your limbs keep trying to fall off.

Moving isn’t just good for the body, but good for the head too. And frankly, I’ve been a grumpy sod for the past week or so. So, on the back of having rested the whole day yesterday,  I insisted that we take the kids swimming at the local pool today.

It’ll be fine, I said. They have stairs into the pool, I said. I’ll feel better, I said.

So here it is in gif form….

Mr Geek wasn’t sure and was holding in all his internal fretting whilst the kids launched themselves bodily onto the giant pool inflatable.


I was sat at the side, slightly annoyed as they’d taken out the steps I’d promised would be there. So once we’d discovered steps weren’t going back in, Mr Geek helped me off the crutches into a sat by the pool scenario and he lifted me into the water from there. (OK,  can I get an “awwwwwww!”). Once in, I realised that even standing on the floor was causing sciatica and knee pain, so I sat on my pool noodle and bobbed about like it was a floating throne.


Once satisfied that I wasn’t going to fall off and drown  (I can swim, it just hurts), or try anything stupid like front crawl, Mr Geek went off to do a few lengths. I was left bobbing around kicking my legs around like a baby in one of those inflatable seat things (except my pool noodle is far cooler, and it takes core muscles of a god to balance! ). This was blissful. I was weightless & moving with only minor twingyness! Stuff started to ache after 1ish minutes, but not anything that indicated imminent death.

Then the kids wanted to move to the “fun pool”. We needed to get out. The life guard had suggested the lift that resembled one of those theme park grabbing machines. I’m not ready for those looks. Too much attention.


So between me and Mr Geek he lifted me back out of the water onto my bum, then picked me up off the floor.


Getting into the fun pool was easier (proper steps & much warmer), but because I was exhausted by now and the kids had buggered off to the slides, Mr Geek and I just hung about talking. Without me realising he had positioned me onto his leg and just held me in a sort of floaty position in the water. I was totally relaxed.


Finally, the kids were done. Sadly, so was I and couldn’t actually walk back to the car, so Mr Geek helped me change and grabbed the chair from the car.


As soon as we got home, I got (OK,  I was helped into) a hot bath & assessed the damage.

1 hour of happy floating = both knees complaining behind the patella, my right elbow popped back in (Getting out of pool 1 required me lifting myself), my right shoulder making weird noises & shooting pains down my arm and both wrists sore & crunching.

But I swear blind it was worth it for an hour of what felt like normal movement. That and hugging Mr Geek in a pool 🙂

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