The Straw That Broke All The Camel’s Joints

Today I read a comment from someone who said that they had the right to make openly judgemental remarks about someone because that someone had put their thoughts and feelings into a blog post.

I’ll admit that I was less than tactful in my response. But I regret nothing. Blogging for many people is therapy and there’s enough crap in the world foe people start making snipey comments about other people. Be nicer to each other. You don’t know what kind of day that someone has had. How can we teach our kids not to bully, when playground parent cliques (even online ones) insist on being bitchy to make themselves feel better about their own life choices.

Yes, I snapped today and gave both barrels, but do you know why I couldn’t tolerate the hypocrisy?  It was nothing to do with being a good person. It was more about that little niggle being today’s last staw. This evening:

– my toes hurt
-my knees are throbbing
– my hips & pelvis burn from being on my feet & dragging teaching resources about on wheels
– my chest hurts when I breath in too deeply as one of my ribs feels ‘stuck’ & my upper spine keeps popping
– my shoulders hurt
– my hands and fingers ache
– my neck is sore
-I have a massive throbbing headache

I also resorted to using the wheelchair to do the high school tour for Beanpole as I was too exhausted to walk this evening. 

Oh and I have the meeting to discuss my mobility at work on Friday which is now causing rising panic.

So I’m a bit frayed around the edges which means that when you choose to dissect a parents worth because they don’t fit into your middle class mold of gender neutral as long as it’s overtly feminist parenting style, I may just state my opinions. Loudly.



6 thoughts on “The Straw That Broke All The Camel’s Joints

  1. They deserved it. They must’ve do.e because you’re the most sensible, rational, sympathetic grown up I know. So if you snapped, they must’ve had it coming!


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