Meet the Fugglers

I want to introduce you to a truly worrying lady. I’ve watched her facebook page go from a few fans to several thousand and all because of an idea that arguably should’ve stayed in her head.

What started off as a weird listing of loose false teeth on eBay, became Mrs McGettrick’s Fuggler Emporium.

And this is a Fuggler.


How do I describe this? Er.. Is a cute hand stiched plushy… With err.. Human teeth. You can’t really get just how disturbing these things are until you see one up close. I have two. They scare me. Why? Because one of them is a replica of my husband.

This is the ‘dinky daddy’ Fuggler.


It’s scary. And keeps turning up under the bed.

These things are starting to pop up worldwide, and whilst they are totally not suitable for small kids (choking hazard on teeth etc), my 8 yr old is rather keen on getting a Fuggler bear for her teacher as a leaving gift this year. What could possibly say ‘I want you to remember me’ more than a bear with human teeth!

Now people of the Internet, visit Mrs McGettrick’s Fuggler Emporium and be as weirded out and amused as I was!