No Poo Means an Up Do

It’s week three and this week has been quite interesting in the no poo experiment. (No shampoo, rather than no poo for weeks – that would be a whole new wrong)

Last weekend I gave in and dyed my hair as my roots were driving me crackers and I’d faded to a lovely shade of bright orange. That had been the first time a chemical had touched my hair in a fortnight. So in went the dye and out it washed and I have to confess to using the conditioner… And it felt clean, although still a little waxy. And it smelt lovely.

Since then I’ve been WO (water only) and its hardly been oily at all. Today, after a whole six days it’s finally decided that it could probably do with a wash soon. We had family day today which meant swimming followed by a roller disco after lunch with one of beanpole’s friends, so I have fallen onto the trusty ‘up do’. I have a thing about the 50s look and with just a bun donut, a hair band and a million hair pins this maintains my mild stalkery obsession with Betty Page. Frankly, it’s all about the bangs.

This has got to be one of my favorite ways of keeping my hair in check and after 10 hours of abuse with swimming, and generally goofing about I don’t look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards for a change!

20130302-192248.jpg (ignore the foot – husband is in one of “those” moods!)

I’m now contemplating whether I want to go back to BS and vinegar as I don’t want to fade my colour, but the tea didn’t work well last time. Maybe I’ll try again and see if its any better without the coconut oil. I could of course just go for another egg wash.

My confession – I miss shampoo. I have until Easter to become a convert, but week three is when the willpower is waning.