The Necessity of Really Big Knickers

Now, you might not think big knickers are sexy, but I’m here to defend the right of every woman to wear mahoosive bloomers.

Today for instance, I happen to be sporting undergarments that could happily house a small family with enough elastic in there to classify them as a medical bandage.

Why? Simple. I lived through my teenage years and twenties in a variety of twitchy teeny knickers that I was trained to believe were attractive. No. They are not. There is NOTHING about a thing that indicates anything other than the poor sod wearing them is in some degree of pain. And as for wearing pants that are just too small – ladies, we are meant to have two buttocks, not four.

This is not attractive:


However, on the side of the massive knicker brigade, these are hot!


So ladies, here’s to wearing massive pants which make you feel a bit like Betty Page, but way sexier than if we try to cram our curves into have a teabag.