You can’t Touché this…

In the words of the kids in the classroom “Awkward!!!”.

I visited my new school today and was asked to observe a lesson with the woman who I am replacing. I felt awful for her and was more than a bit uncomfortable with the idea that she should be introducing me to the school. Turn the tables and I would’ve been quite put out. Especially as we’d got on so well during the interview day where she was one of the candidates and when I wished her luck after, it was really heartfelt.

In fact, it was one of the reasons I hadn’t celebrated online quite as much as I could have when I was initially offered the job. It’s for that reason why I totally understood her reaction today….

I was introduced to the class with the line:

“This is Mrs B. You all know by now that I didn’t get the job. She did.”

…. Awkward silence…. Then the wonderful brilliant kids made a joke of it and shouted out “awkward!!!”.

It got better after that.

Touché lady. I’ll take that one on the chin.