A Dig in the Ribs

I have a post about an amazing place with amazing people, but I’m waiting on photos… S you’ll have to make do with this.

I’m working on my first top down jumper. For someone who dislikes hates ribbing, it made total sense for me to select a pattern which uses two different types of ribbing for about 90% of the jumper. It is for this reason that it takes me nearly two hours to grow the pattern by an inch. It’s not quite wearable yet…


It also meant that I had something monotonous to focus on while I sat and contemplated stuff while the sun went down this evening after some rather sad news.

Sometimes it’s there but for the grace of god we go. I hope the coffee is good up there. Xxx


Short ‘n Sweet

I’ve got loads of blog ideas, but little motivation. So here’s a round up in a list!

I’ve had my nails done ready for school (because this is clearly a priority!).


We found BeanPole a suitable school coat. She’s happy, I’m quietly sniggering while my pre-teen listens to the black parade. Anyone else think she needs to socialize more with people not like me??


TinyPants also had her nails done. She, however has gold paint with little flowers!


My latest project is nicely underway and I’m going top down for the first time. I’ve made shoulders. I’m rather proud 🙂


Tomorrow heralds a shopping trip to The Laines in Brighton. I’m hoping to find some nice work clothes that still let me be me… And there’s also Chockywockydoodah!