A Weird Kind of Nostalgia

So, my mum and Dad look back on the 60s and 70s with fond (and rather squiffy) memories of Led Zepplin, Crosby Steele Nash & Young (yes, I know who they are!) and Camel.

And we have these.

1. This was is “our song”

2. One of the funniest support bands we saw. Zebrahead played this and encouraged the young teenagers to swear which appeared to be the best moment in their lives…

3. More dubious content, but this is the inner teenage boy making music about things teenage boys really do care about…

4. THIS was how I got seduced. It says a lot when your most romantic moments with your husband sound like Kung Fu Panda…

5. The happiest song of my early 20’s… It speaks volumes!

6. You know it’s love when he goes to see them in concert with his ex girlfriend because you’re just too pregnant to go. Not that I’m bitter. Much.

He told me it was rubbish to make me feel better. He lied.

7. Angry balloons made me happy. I still like the original…

8. I tried explaining this song to our kids, they looked at me like I was some sort of alien. I guess from their perspective our rebellion seems a bit naff.

9. The same goes for this. Although I have a feeling, it was a bit naff even when we liked it.

10. Final one. I guess it ought to be good? Something which sums up the younger years we spent together before we got grey (or greyer in LSH’s case) and slightly more responsible… Or this. We liked this.