You Seem a Little TENS

Did you see what I did there?

I congratulated myself for getting through the day at 1.30 today. That’s quite sad. But technically by then my lessons were over and I could haul myself & my chair into the quiet room and work on marking in there. I have a repetitive system for marking which is quite soothing. Sadly not so much when your head is pounding & your shoulders are twitching from muscle spasms. Today isn’t a good pain day. Different bits decide to hurt at random on not so good days. This evening I don’t feel like I’m in my own skin. My joints are cracking each time I breathe deeply. Ffs.

This evening, not even a handful of codeine & gabapentin is touching it. Yesterday we tried massaging tiger balm into my shoulders as an attempt to ease it. Suffice to say, Tiger balm smells nice (ish…) and despite being nice as a massage oil, does bugger all. So tonight, I’m laying on my side with electrodes stuck to my arse with a pleasant buzz interfering with the stabbing in my hip & SI. I’m quite disappointed that I only have 4 pads. Imagine if I could stick them all over!


So, for those of you that also need a massage from bees, here’s some useful placement ideas:


Here’s hoping tomorrow is another day.