Found Nemo, and another one…… And another!

So it turns out that it doesn’t matter what species it is, if it’s a baby, I’ll coo over it.

Case in point, as of this morning, we had baby pineapples. Pineapple swordtails – they’re livebearing tropical fish that look like goldfish that got their tails caught. The girls woke me up with ecstatic squealing as the little fry skimmed around the sand at 6AM. At 6am, I don’t actually care whether Sharknado is evolving in our tank. It’s 6am. But… Aww.. They’re very small….


Do you see it?? They are essentially tiny eyes with tails that were born in our tank 🙂 AND have so far managed to avoid being eaten by the rather larger inhabitants (Charles the Fire Eel is now a good 13 inches long.

Sadly, along with the arrival of Mad Eye’s mother came a good dose of ich. It’s akin to thrush for fish and without treatment will devastate the tank. That’ll be why the water is looking rather blue.

My poor loaches have been itchy but are looking a lot better today. They’re still dancing which is a good sign.