Woodies American Diner – Don’t Wait Ten Years to Go There!

Dear Americans, I don’t go too much on your politics, but OMG your food!

I had a total moment earlier after spending the whole day at the beach with the kids. That’s it! I’m not cooking! We’re going out for dinner, and I want to try American food!

I ought to explain that ever since LSH and I started dating ten years ago, we’ve driven countless times past a specific American style diner on the seafront and despite trying to go a couple of times (they were fully booked), we’ve never actually eaten there.

Well now we have.

If you live near Brighton, or actually happen to be in the UK (the hours of driving will all be worth it) Woodies Diner is somewhere you should not wait ten years to visit!


The kids were mildly shocked that I’d suggested going out to get burgers and milkshakes and couldn’t quite believe their luck when they were given free reign with the kids menu (£5.95 for food, a drink and ice cream. Or £1 extra if they want milkshake).


The staff were really friendly and we were kept entertained by looking at the various signed surf boards on the ceiling and the big TV with Grease playing on a continuous loop! (Ok, this is a very stereotypical 50s diner, but bear with me just wait til you see the food).

We started off with milkshakes (the kids ones are quite small) which were made without a hint of crusha. These were MILKSHAKES. LSH apparently makes weird faces when he drinks banoffee milkshake!


The kids were delighted with their choices.


TinyPants even waited until I’d taken the photo before demolishing the lot! (And some chili fries on the side)


Then ours arrived.

Oh good god! How am I meant to eat that?! It was an 8oz handmade burger topped with onion rings, bbq sauce, bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, and salad. It came with fries and onion rings on the side too!


LSH had an equally amazing chilli burger which was the same 8oz burger topped with home made chilli. I am pleased (and slightly ashamed) to report that we ate the lot. Well, nearly.

We did also share a bowl of chilli fries between us.


I was full. Properly need a little nap now full. And BeanPole was staring blankly at the tv while TinyPants looked close to food induced coma. It was clearly time for ice cream!



It turns put they did indeed have room for ice cream. But then we proclaimed to as well, and shared this. It’s a Fudge Funday (chocolate, fudge & rum raisin ice cream topped with cream, toffee sauce and nuts).


When we paid the bill, BeanPole announced to the waitress that she had found the place that she wanted to come for her birthday. She’s got good taste! Everything was fresh, well prepared and the place was clean and beautiful.

To top it off, they gave us a car sticker for the car! (Went straight in)

We got back home nearly two hours past the kids bedtime, tired and feeling a teeny bit sick. Suffice to say, the kids went to bed with no fuss at all with very full tummies and Woodies is completely to blame for any lack of special cuddles with LSH later. Far too full for any of that nonsense!

Knit & Natter

There is very little that is more bizarre than sitting in the evening in a small yarn shop with a cup of tea, bread pudding, with other women directly opposite a rowdy pub where people walk past you as if they’d just walked past a coven meeting.

Well, that’s exactly what I did this evening at The Wool Bar. And it was fab.

I ribbed for a good few hours, thoroughly enjoying the conversation which ranged from our children, to belly dancing, to our favorite manga.

Next Tuesday is my first day back at school, but I’m definitely packing up my needles for another cup of tea and natter with these ladies next week. And I shall be arriving with a tiny little hat to add to the charity donation 🙂

(And I medically NEED that emerald silk yarn)

The (not a) Review of Catherine Bulling of @GypsyTreePhoto

This is my friend Catherine. Oh, and her husband. (There is a point to my post, I promise!)


This is nearly her whole family.


This is their latest addition (and you know what, I don’t reckon that she’ll be the youngest forever).


Frankly, the idea of five children scares me, but she does it annoyingly well and is also holding down a creatively demanding job too! She’s the owner of The GypsyTree Photography. And it’s here, that I’m going to shamelessly promote her work. This isn’t a review, I am hugely biased. She is a wonderful friend and she and her husband are Godparents to my tiny people. But I do love (and mildly envy) her work. But I cannot claim to be an objective observer, but you can.

Catherine is “an award winning newborn photographer based in Sussex, UK” and she’s not shabby when it comes to sympathetic portrait work either. I don’t often post promoting stuff, but after an unconnected friend of mine came back from a shoot with Catherine earlier today raving about her, I thought some extra word of mouth was in order. And I’m proud of my friend.

So here’s some stuff I’ve learnt about her since we’ve been friends along with some examples of her work.

1. We’ve decided our kids were destined for each other since birth.


2. She crotchets the most amazing hats. Then sticks them on babies (her prop cabinet is amazing).


3. Her ability to recreate the world as we saw it through child’s eyes is baffling.


4. There is no container that she won’t put a baby in (if it fits… And it’s safe!)
(I knitted those trousers!)


5. She’s brave enough to work with children AND animals. Some might argue that this is one and the same.


6. She puts questionable head gear on babies, but they never seem to mind…


7. Some of the smiles she captures are just unfathomable.


8. Her house is full of photography props, school photo prints, mounts and a husband who is set to work when he gets home!


9. She can make some of the most active kids stay still just long enough to capture their perfect little personalities forever.


10. I love her work. But I don’t need to convince you – it’s all here for you to make your own mind up!


You can visit her website and read her blog at http://www.thegypsytree.co.uk (although I’m guessing you noticed that from the photos! Or you can view lots more of her work and catch up with her on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheGypsyTree