Back in the saddle

Bluebells were on my mind. A week or so ago I started a gofundme campaign to help me raise enough for a wheelchair cycle to help get me out of the house & back doing the things that we love as a family. I never expected it to take off like it did, and thanks to some enormous generosity and a chance ebay encounter, this weekend I found myself cycling through our local woods and enjoying a surprise bit of sunshine & the bluebells!

More than anything, this blog post is a thank you to everyone who helped to make this pipe dream a reality.


Bluebells! Thousands of 'em (photocredit: TinyPants with my phone)

Every year we’ve taken photos of the girls enjoying this sign of spring & this year we finally managed a few, although Beanpole wasn’t keen (hence her absence as we didn’t want to push it). A much required rest in the middle of our ride along the firetracks gave ample opportunity for posing.


TinyPants had control of the camera for most of the afternoon, so many of the photos are rather interesting. I love how happy Mr Geek looks here with his whole family back in the fresh air. And so much green!


Having managed a decent distance with my knobbly tyres & trike working beautifully, we stopped for a break and a chance to admire the view. We certainly got some funny looks as I trundled past kids on bikes & people with dogs. The kids were having a great time and thanks to the softly inflated knobbly tyres I barely felt anything going across gravel. Plus, I was outside!


So here we are in action. Me and my bikers 😙


Did you see that smile? That’s the smile of a person who hadn’t breathed proper country air for months… and has no clue that her battery is about to die a horrible death 1/2 a mile away from the car! To give it it’s due, we managed 5 1/2 miles and some serious hills before it died. So on tarmac, it’s got a fair chance of lasting a fair bit longer. Even so, that was our cue to make sure we pick up a spare battery before we head off over the summer.

Despite that minor blip, it was the best afternoon in months. My family, our woods, the smell of spring, sunshine. And clearly, from the state of my mood, some serious vitamin D. 😆

Even better is the fact that trip 1 caused little more than some shoulder, hand, & leg pain & core muscles that feel like I’ve done 100 situps! No joints came out. No trips to A&E. Just a few hours of fresh air & freedom.

Did you have a nice day TinyPants? Yes! A baby chicken pooed on my hand!

Now, I know the ageing process is starting to happen, but I’m not sure I’ve ever rated my day as awesome because I got pooed on. I’m just not that kind of gal.

I needed clarification.

It turns out the small people went to see lambing at a local farm yesterday afternoon while LSH and I were back at work.


They look so cute don’t they? Having taken them last year, this is a serious introduction to birth. It’s not pretty, but the kids were fascinated. And watching the empathy from the mums is funny (I’m allowed to laugh. My two labours were 52 hours and 24 hours in stage 2 onwards.). I’m not totally sure I want to see this again, but the kids love it, so it’s a yearly ritual. I’m just thankful that they don’t do tours like this around human labour wards.

Can you imagine! “Look kids, that lady must be having a contraction, it won’t be long now. You can tell because she’s threatening to gouge out her husband’s eyes if he comes near her again”.

I think we’ll stick with lambs.

These kids don’t even know they’re born! (and other old person mutterings)

It’s day 4 of the Easter holidays and the following phrases a now on repeat:

“I’m bored”
“I’m hungry”

“Stop irritating your sister”
“Tidy up”
“No, not yet”
“Leave people alone”
“Take that OUTSIDE!”

And here I utter the phrase that firmly puts me into OLD woman territory: “these kids don’t know they’d born!”

Take today. A lovely Easter Monday (cold, but nice). We had breakfast, went into town to get the much promised new earrings for the girls, had coffee with G and V, then headed up to soft play whilst LSH had some time in the gym. But they were BORED?! How?!

Then we got home and it all became clear…

BeanPole ran outside with her bow to shoot arrows at stuff like the cutesy girl that she (and her mother) is.


TinyPants got down to some serious pig painting indoors because she doesn’t “like outside”.


Eventually, I chucked them both outside to get some fresh air. Then they discovered that our rock pool that got flooded over the winter had dried out, but we had mounds of frogspawn! This of course meant that we had to get the fish box out and “rescue” the eggs. Cue me and LSH trying to scoop frogspawn out of the rocks into water stolen from our fish tank.*

So, now we have a tank of frogspawn taking residence in the conservatory which have brought with them a gang of weird little fresh water shrimpy things. We’ve had to post a picture online to see if anyone knows what these things are. Mainly because I have visions of waking up to find a swarm of flying insects greeting me. Ew ew ew!


Moral of this story? Stop trying to direct the fun. Give them space and let them make it up.

And try to not freak out about the mess or weird nature in the house.

* NOTE: frogspawn is grim. It is essentially thick mucus expelled from an amphibian. Touching this with your bare hands when the ambient temperature is around 4 degrees is not a pleasant experience. On the up side, frogs have got it right on the whole childbirth thing – this is gooey and pliable and way easier than the gargantuan boney head that beanpole tried to barge her way through with (for reference, she failed and had to be extracted through the sunroof).