Dear Jumper,

I have a confession. I’ve been cheating on you. It happened so suddenly and I was drawn in my the funky name and the time limit. 10 days to finish a pair of socks! And they’re GREEN. It’s not you, it’s me. I’m fickle. Actually, it is you – your block colour is boring me to tears and I needed a break. And these knit up quite quickly.

It’s true, I’m a yarn hussy. I’m not even ashamed.


Look jumper, how could you possibly compete with your singular circular needle? The socks have four needles, you just have promises of a funky yoke. Always not yet dear, I’m not long enough….. The socks don’t make me wait.

Survival of the Knittest

Today we are in full preparation mode for the camping trip which is looking increasingly like it may be rather damp (bloody British summer weather!).

My mission this week has to be to finish knitting a pair of warm socks for each child and me (husband has too much dignity to wear knitted socks… ). I’ve managed to finish a pair each for the kids. Mine, well, mine I’ll be knitting in situ.

TinyPants has a pair of odd socks which she’s already worn as post swimming in the sea socks, so they’re currently in the washing machine.


And this morning saw the completion of BeanPole’s rainbow socks.


I guess I ought to pack some other essentials like food and shelter, but the DPNs are calling me…

TinyPants has it under control anyway as she’s making lists!


EDIT: So, yes, I sort of finished packing. But I definitely started my socks! (Who needs camping food anyway)


Rock your Socks Off!

I finally found a sock knitting pattern that both called for 4mm DP kneedles and actually made sense 🙂

Basic sock pattern is free and online here. And it really works!

First came some camping socks for TinyPants. She can’t wear actual pairs, it will impact on the fabric of the known universe if she was to wear a matching pair of socks, so hers are very ‘her’.


These were my first ever successful pair of socks and they took me about 10 hours overall. Whilst making them, I got into the rhythm of ankle, heel, foot, toe and it all started to make sense!

Then BeanPole got a little jealous as her warm socks that we bought her from Iceland back in 2010 now have holes in and her feet are considerably too big for them (seriously, an 8 year old with size 4 feet is just wrong). So rainbow socks were demanded. Really? Rainbow? Err ok…

Another 8ish hours of careful dropping of my DPNs (double pointed needles) and we have the first one. And I think she likes it!


It’s the same pattern, but this time in the women’s size (they fit me too, which really does mean my baby is growing up 😦 )


And the view from my current knitting spot is everso nice.


Everything Else in Life is Simple… When you’re knitting socks.

This morning started with frogging my sock attempt back to the heel after I didn’t read the pattern properly. It looks weird. Not socklike….


Ah well, it’s my first attempt at a sock. It can’t all be plain sailing – after all I turned the heel with relative ease…

So this morning we packed up some sandwiches and water and headed out to our town’s children’s Playday. I was a bit dubious at first as it all seemed to be aimed at tiny children, but we soon met up with friends.


They’d had the excellent idea of throwing a load of cardboard boxes, tyres and tale into a pile and just letting the kids imaginations go. I assure you, this was a planned event at a park – we’re not resorting to letting them play in landfill. Yet.


I’m not sure what’s going on here, but they were having fun!

We ended up spending hours just relaxing there with friends, and eventually we stocked up on candy floss and walked the few miles back home, chatting all the way.


We even got in some general investigate the village type stuff. I say investigate, it went along the lines of:
TinyPants : us this house old?
Me: yes, that one was built in…
TinyPants : what about this one?
Me: yes.
TinyPants : what about this one? And this one? This one? And this……


This evening, after keeping on with the pattern and generally getting more frustrated at my children’s inability to stop talking, or making weird noises for more than ten seconds, I realized I’d have to admit defeat with this sock. It bears no resemblance to a normal foot. If my child’s foot was weird and deformed and wider than her ankle, then yes, this sock would be a success. Otherwise it needs to be consigned to the heap of ‘bad’ projects and I need to start again.


I don’t like admitting defeat, so I’m not defeated, I’m just rearranging the stitches from the beginning now I sort of understand the terms used in the pattern.

Hate you sock. Stoopid sock.