Smarties Have The Answer

Today was a tough one. I’ve been extra sore and it was an extra long day.its that time of year where it’s cold, everything needs marking & every week has a parents evening. This too shall pass.

I had my interview with occupational health today. It was all a bit odd. We started off with her reading out the questions that had been sent:

How can we support her further?

What is the prognosis for long term teaching?

Wow. That was  curve ball. Poor woman, she hadn’t realised the they hadn’t shared the referral with me, so she did her best. She suggested that I gave her some background on what my diagnoses are. “What’s  ehhhhl… oh I can’t even pronounce it!”


We chatted about what EDS is and the various referrals I have. Then she explained that usually she deals with back pain and I was better off talking to Access to Work as they’d have more information. Poor woman was way in above her depth and tried to get through the interview as quickly as possible. She apologised for asking me the suicide question – I half joked that it was ok, I’d been asked far worse in the PIP form and that I was surprisingly perky considering the past few months. Then she asked me to list the medication and made ‘that noise’ (you know, that one that asks you why you aren’t constantly unconscious). I had to explain that quite a few of them are about as effective as smarties because whilst one of the main identifiers of EDS is magnificent volumes of pain, it just balances it nicely with resistance to local anesthesia.

And that was it. You’re pretty fucked aren’t you? I guess. Does that make you want to die? Not really.


And that was it,  off I trundled back to my classroom and got on with my day. It wasn’t really until I got home at 7 that I keeled over and stopped functioning.

Mr Geek brought me bubble & squeak from yesterday’s leftovers (my favourite ) and bed called so loudly that 8pm was the wall that I hit.

Heading upstairs, our room was lovely to walk into after the hours that Mr Geek put in over the weekend to make it nice, and so I wouldn’t freak out when the Occupational Health lady comes over tomorrow. He even got me this to keep all my medical stuff tidied away but still to hand from the bed.


To finish the day properly, he bought us both a mega pack of smarties which are definitely not allowed on fodmap, but made me feel mentally better (we shall await feeling physically sick shortly! Totally worth it. I regret nothing).


Tonight, smarties do have the answer.