I Don’t Know About You, But I’m Feeling Twenty Twoooooo ooo ooo!

Before I start, I’ll apologize for further popularizing those lyrics. But LSH and I had a bit of recapturing our youth today.

We made the decision that we are finally brave enough to take the kids out in Brighton shopping without me having some kind of cardiac failure because they wander off. This started me back on the decision that I need to do something with my hair before going back to school. In my head I’m stylish, however the truth is I’ve been a bit scruffy of late.

I spent a full 40 minutes desperately trying to put my hair up into victory rolls. Fail. Pin curls? Fail. How hard can this be?! Actually, it turns out that 50s hair when you have really thick wavy and long hair is REALLY difficult. I did not resemble a 50s pinup. I looked like Wurzel Gummage.

So, out came the scissors and The Fringe was reinstated. There is not a single hairdresser I’ve visited that has ever managed to achieve this look when asked, shown pictures and given tutorials. I, however appear to be able to snip my way to the Betty Page Bangs in a few minutes and about a million times better with the rest of my hair successfully pinned up into a doubled ponytail.

It’s a look I can rely on – after 6 hours of hard shopping in some very dodgy British summer weather, this is the result! (The roots were also addressed this evening. I am typing with appalling smelling red stuff on my newly bleached roots)


Hair done, we headed out. It was raining. Wow, it was really raining. To the point where a local oak tree was hit by lightning right outside someone’s house.


But it was well worth it. We walked the girls left, right and centre, and ended up in the comic shop where TinyPants nearly had a full on happy fit when she caught sight of of the Spirited Away graphic novel. So with that and an Adventure Time comic duly purchased we headed off for lunch.



We went to a lovely cafe above the shops and the girls shared a table, milkshakes and a HUGE plate of nachos while they read their comics.


LSH and I spent lunch giggling over how little has actually changed in some of the places we used to go before we had kids. There are some of the shops we used to go to, now catering for a new set of teenagers, but they still smell the same! There is nothing quite like the smell of Brighton (and I mean that in a good way!) – it’s a mix of food from everywhere, incense, spices and beer. And just as we thought we were as comfortable as you can get, we realized that LSH had ordered a burger which contained peanut butter as sauce (weirdly nice…) and the cafe was playing the soundtrack to Labyrinth!

Our final stop on the way back was at Chockywockydoodah where the girls were allowed to buy some chocolate spread, and definitely not some of these creations which we’d need a second mortgage for!


My own personal shopping included a couple of Hell Bunny dresses for work (they are lovely high necked 50s style ones, rather than the busty ones which are NOT appropriate for work!) and a satchel! Ooh I love my new satchel! I’m ready to go back to work now.


And with their powers combined…. They’re still not quite Captain Planet

… But pretty damn close.

You know there are some friends that you look at and wonder how they do it. I had one of those moments today meeting up with my friend Mrs GypsyTree at our local supermarket with her 5 children to shop for school uniforms for the eldest three (I’m doing mine later, I’m in denial that this holiday will end!). So that’s us two and seven children between us. Whilst uniform shopping. Did I mention we had seven kids with us?! All under 9.

Cue the nice guy at the till giving me a pitying look and asking me if it was worth it as i loaded several bars of dairy flake onto my shopping pile. It could’ve been a whole lot worse, and you just gushed over my nails, so yeah, worth it!


We then spent the whole afternoon watching our kids run through the house, make short work of popcorn and having ‘quiet’ time (that didn’t last long). It’s like when we get our kids together, the sum of our patience for their whines of “she’s looking at me funny” is greater than the parts alone.

And she introduced me to this. I’m never going to be able to go out in a car with her again without sniggering like a teenager….