#5minutefriday – musings on rest

I have five minutes to write without editing or really overthinking what I’m saying. Whatever appears on the topic goes down on the screen…

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This week’s topic? Rest.


I need a rest. I actually look like the Corpse Bride.


I actually have those scary staring eyes. The last month has been busy beyond belief and following two weeks where the usual days occur (7am – 7pm) Monday to Wednesday, then Thursday and Friday have started with me leaving the house at 7am and not returning until nearly 10pm or later, I am physically knackered. Mentally, I’m not sure. If I think therefore I am, I’m not sure that I am. Maybe I’m so tired, I’m not really here….

But what is rest? I have daydreams at the moment of curling up on a pile of furry rugs and just sleeping for days on end. I have caught myself occasionally whilst I’m marking work wondering if I could just put my head down for five minutes…. Just on the desk….. Or just laying down in the floor… Just because gravity is extra heavy at the moment…

What I need is sleep. But not the sleep where I am analyzing test scores or coursework grade boundaries in my dreams. I need the sleep of the dead. The brain dead. Or to sleep like a frog – quietly soaking up the surrounding heat and occasionally peeling open an eye to survey my surroundings. With a weekend packed full of kids activities, there’s not much chance of sitting around on my lily pad.

Still, as they say “a change is as good as a rest”. I’m pretty sure sleeping for several days is better than a change…