Love Is…. Chasing a stranger out of a supermarket waving garlic at them #ImAHappster

… Because that is exactly what LSH did today. The guy in front of us left a single bulb of garlic at the checkout.

I’ve never seen a cashier laugh so hard until my husband ran after a random stranger through a packed supermarket right up to the main doors brandishing the bulb like it was the holy grail that this guy had left behind. The kids thought it was brilliant, and the guy looked like he’d been chased down by a crazy person (not that far off then).

Job done. It just might have saved his dinner.


My husband is now also a happster.

This, and other acts of weird kindness at

It’s not that selfless… #imahappster


Parking for swimming this morning, we bought an extra ticket and left it inside the machine with a note saying ‘have a great day!’ and the happster website (which is btw!).

Off we wandered and saw the next guy who went to buy his ticket. He looked really confused and gave it to the lady behind him with a huge smile.

Job done.