Expect Zebras : An App For EDS – First glimmers of a something

So, for those of you who kindly read and commented on my blog where I talked about my idea for an Ehlers-Danlos App and asked for your thoughts, and in fact anyone who happens to be popping past on here, the big news is that a prototype has started to make its way onto my phone. I’ve also decided to called it “Expect Zebras”.


Thanks to so many lovely responses on both here, Facebook, and Twitter, I have a good few months worth of ideas even if I was developing full time!

However, I will share the first few exciting stages with you along with the first sections that will be developed.


Home Screen With Possible Section Buttons

Version 1.0 is going to focus mainly on emergency support:

About me, takes your EDS diagnosis, record of medication, and emergency contact details to create a useful personalised fact sheet to show to medical professionals.


You can add your official diagnosis on the Settings page, where you can also set the app to read the screens to you.


I’m planning on adding other personal details here like your DOB, emergency contact details. So as all of these are personal bits of information,  they need to go behind a passcode. One bit of code begets more exponentially!

Next is medications. I’m not sure here – The simplest way would be to allow people to enter their own, but the risk of misspelling is huge, so a database of the common medications with levels adjusted as a when needed seems more sensible (this also means the slider bar for dosage can be adjusted to suit the drug). I shall ponder this…


I initially thought about having this create you a repeat prescription request letter, but I reckon most people who would use the app, would probably use online prescription services.

Finally, for version 1.0 I’m going to add a panic button (or rather a range of). This will allow you to set a custom message for a standard – help! I’ve fallen, or help! I’m in too much pain to continue on my own text message to be sent to your emergency contac.  This will include GPS link to get to you.

Version 1.2 will come once I’ve perfected the screens above and will be my Brain Fog menu with things like tablet reminders, appointment reminders with notes, and voice recordings for those of us with sieve like heads.

Another thing I’m hugely excited about is EDS specific physio reminders. Before I entertain this though, I’m going to see professional help (a little too late some may suggest 😉 ) because I’d like to include images or videos to help.

Anyway, watch this space for a beta version on the Google Play store hopefully before the New Year.

As always, please leave your ideas and feedback. Even if you think the design looks awful! I’m making this for me and you!