Short ‘n Sweet

I’ve got loads of blog ideas, but little motivation. So here’s a round up in a list!

I’ve had my nails done ready for school (because this is clearly a priority!).


We found BeanPole a suitable school coat. She’s happy, I’m quietly sniggering while my pre-teen listens to the black parade. Anyone else think she needs to socialize more with people not like me??


TinyPants also had her nails done. She, however has gold paint with little flowers!


My latest project is nicely underway and I’m going top down for the first time. I’ve made shoulders. I’m rather proud 🙂


Tomorrow heralds a shopping trip to The Laines in Brighton. I’m hoping to find some nice work clothes that still let me be me… And there’s also Chockywockydoodah!

Minion Nail Art – bottom hehehe

It’s been a while since I did crazy nails and after yesterday’s use of Warhammer paint for inappropriate purposes, I thought I’d do it again.

End result, minion nails.


This wasn’t long after and the black had already started to chip. Lesson here? Put a clear top coat on as acrylic base black chips really quickly!

I’ll just have to re-do them tomorrow! More Art in August 🙂

I Am Who I Am! ***Jazz Hands!***

The kids have been away for 4 days now and I’m having a bit of ‘me time’. In a weird bizarre way, I’m actually beginning to enjoy having some space. I’m enjoying being Holly, rather than ‘Miss’, or ‘Mummy’, or ‘wife’, or whatever else. I’ve spent a fair chunk of time with just me today, and I’m really quite ok with that.

I’ve done various things today.

I started knitting the Tom Baker scarf for my Father-in-Law for his birthday. Which isn’t until November, but this scarf is 12ft long! I need a good three months!

I cleaned. I actually CLEANED our bedroom. The rest of the house is immaculate, but good God our bedroom is ignored and left to fester! It’s my nest. It’s where I store my life. It was a bloody tip and I should’ve been on some kind of shame on you, clean your room TV show. So I cleaned it.

And I made it arty.

I’ve also had my nails done (they’re just ready for me to add the detail on… Can you tell what it is yet?


And helped a friend dye her teenagers hair pink and blue.


Eventually, I’m also going to cook dinner for LSH who left the house over 12 hours ago to do some on-site client IT consultanty work. I’m still vaguely hoping that he’s up for skating later. It’s already 7.15pm, so looking rather unlikely.

In short, the sun is shining…..the tank is clean…. The tank is CLEAN!!!!

I did make dinner. And it went rather well!
Recipe here:
(I added sugarsnap peas, garlic, chillies and soaked the apricots in double the amount of stock, but aside from that…)


What Time is It? ADVENTURE TIME!

It’s been a long week, so basically I deserved a bit of me time. LSH looked after the kids whilst I swanned off to have my nails done.

My previous acrylic manicure was a disaster and left me with bleeding cuticles and a generally very unimpressed view of the place I’d been.


But the place we went to today was brilliant. I’ll admit to raising an eyebrow when they took a dremmel to my hand, but instead of leaving hoping my hands would stop hurting soon, I left buzzing about what nail art I could get next!

And that leads to the awesomeness that my hands are currently sporting.


I’m not sure I’ve ever been happier just by looking at my hands! And the kids think they’re pretty cool too.



The only downside to these, was my total inappropriateness with LSH when I got smoochy with him and couldn’t not say ‘save me Finn and Jake’. He may never come near me again now.