Mud Mud Glorious Mud!

So, just as something totally different, we went to Mar Menor today to the mud sea. What is it? Well, it’s a lagoon next to the sea one side being a huge sea like expanse which is only 7 metres deep at its deepest point (mostly waist high near the shore) and the other side is much saltier and smaller lagoon which is host to some very specific bacteria that makes the water immensely warm and produce this muddy sludge which is reported to be very good for your skin.

How does it work? Well you rock up to the beach and use one of the many piers to head out and proceed to rub what looks (and smells) like the nasty black stuff at the bottom of tropical aquariums all over your body until you look like this:


Then you lounge around looking like a miner in a bikini until its dry and you wallow back in the stinky hot waters to clean it all off!

What you are left with is very soft skin and an eldest daughter who is in charge of the camera as the whole process is far too embarrassing for her to indulge in (oh I’m going to have so much fun as she gets older being the massively embarrassing mum!).

The best thing is the Spanish haven’t cashed in on this brilliant experience and the area is freely open to all!