An Open Letter To My Husband Regarding Mothers Day

Dear Husband,

In a week it is Mothering Sunday here in the UK and I feel I must leave you some instructions. As children of some particularly brilliant mothers I have already arranged for gifts for both our mothers – these represent not only our love for them, but a sentimental attachment to our family. Mother’s Day is not a commercial opportunity, and as I said on Valentines, I’m not interested in expensive presents.

Our kids are growing up fast and the home made weird crap that they produce won’t happen forever, but whilst they do, I love it. Don’t buy me jewelry, get them to make it (seriously, take them to hobbycraft!). Don’t buy me flowers, crepe paper and straws!

Perhaps what I ought to say, is don’t play this one for laughs. Despite not going with the commercial side of these days, I am quite attached to the sentimental side of them. That and I’m still not over the valentines thing.

Seriously, who gives this to their wife of 8 years? As a romantic gesture? In A4? And expects to live?! (I’ll admit, you’ve earned some credibility with lots of people for having the balls to actually go through with it)


I love you. But dude.


HippyGeek (wife)