#WhyImNotSleeping Chronic Memes

There was a Tumblr some time ago that touched a chord with us as parents. It was called Why My Child Is Crying. It saw the funny side of situations that make so many parents want to bathe in wine until it goes away. Here’s a few choice examples :

There was something about those parents sharing the photos of the realities of parenting a small human that made us feel a bit better about how we stumble blindly through parenthood hoping we don’t mess them up too badly. So that got me thinking. Surely there should be something similar for those of us with chronic illness who have the option of drowning or seeing the ridiculous & amusing in our situations. The thing that gets to me the most is my sleep pattern (or lack thereof), so here is is, #WhyImNotSleeping is now a thing. Tweet me your photos & I’ll collate them on here.

For now, here’s my own personal collection 😴

Perhaps there’s a noise in the room…

Or because of our nightly 1am visitor

Or maybe it’s because my friends are also nocturnal…

Finding humour in my strange little quiet & low lit world certainly makes it a nicer place to be. So, Why aren’t you sleeping?


You Can’t Be Serious

Not all the time. Today has kicked my arse.

I pulled out my shoulder trying to propel myself up an accessible ramp (oh yes. I did that), my swallowing / stomach is at a point that even ordering pizza to tempt my taste buds ended up with me with stomach cramps and palpitations  (wtf?!).

So, I decided to cheer up a bit. Hopefully these will make you giggle too 🙂

Yeah EDS… You’re only kicking my arse because no one else can.


The less spoken about aide of humour. And yes, I’ve totally dislocated a hip during nocturnals… and my jaw 😉

Totally not sexy.


Not so much a meme, but a useful image for when I feel so bloody old! At least now I know why!


That’s me that is. Skilled.


This is basically me after lesson 1 each day. My kids are so lovely that they followed me about today opening doors and carrying tea for me. I looked extra super terrific today.


I’ve not seen this one before, but I may just stick it above my desk!


Pretty much how I react each time I see my GP. Apart from today. Today’s locum was astoundingly helpful. And talked to me like a human 🙂


I’m not religious. I’m agnostic at best, but I like this.


Not EDS related, but this is also my cat Thomas. And he’s a meme 🙂


Finally, a serious one just to finish up.

I have no wish to take anything away from cancer awareness, but reading so many blogs about chronic illness makes you wonder where all the other adverts are. Fibro, ME, MS, dysautonomia, RA. There are so many 😦


Crap. That ended on a bit of a downer. Here, let me sing you the song of my people.


Positive Mental Attitude My Arse

I’ve never tolerated over enthusiastic people very well (unless it’s about coding,  or gaming …). I am really rather British about the whole thing and as a general rule extreme emotions terrify me.

My stiff upper lip and stoicism is practiced and rehearsed daily. I’m fine! At least I have fun painkillers! Ah well, could be worse, my leg could actually fall off!

The last time I cried was last weekend. But that was not in front of people. And it was only because I was tired and really sad that my friends had all gone. I don’t make friends easily, I never have, but I was at ease with real people 🙂
I thought I’d lost that when Mrs Gypsytree left. I’d wanted to give one particular person a hug before they left, because they’d made a weird situation totally normal. I kicked myself for that afterwards. But not being a hugging person normally, I went Sheldon about it all.
Public leaking is to be avoided at all costs. We are not sad. It’s just raining on our face.

Any form of anger & resentment must be stored in an airtight container and sat on…. Until I fall off and express a completely irrational rant at someone who probably doesn’t deserve it.

And today, it’s you, you bloody chirpy over optimistic gits with your mood enhancing memes.


Piss off. I’m British. If I didn’t complain about something, I’d die. It’s a bonding ritual! It’s the way we deal with our anger. We don’t have guns you see, so when people drive us crazy, we internalise it all and it escapes in tiny pieces of irritable sniping like a fart that you just can’t hold in. (Except we would hold that in).

Add to this the current bloggers using the invisible illness awareness week to push the idea that exercise will cure everything because you just need to work with your body and clean air….. just try making my body run. Actually, try getting my body to get in and out of the bath. Now tell me I get out what I put in. In the words of my daughter “what’s that on your face???!” *slaps me* “it’s pain”.


This equally applies to any gym instructor who uses the word “buddy” or whoops unnecessarily during a class (hint: it’s never necessary to whoop).

A positive mental attitude in true British terms is : this current situation may be a pile of donkey crap, but we shall car
ry on and ignore it. Nothing to see here. Good day sir.


The Internet meme – just for lolz? Or something else entirely?

I apologise profusely to anyone I offended with the appalling grammar of the title of this post. I was using the colloquialisms of the biggest village in the world – the Internet.

I caught one of the cats napping earlier and rather than thinking ‘aww how cute’, my Internet ravaged brain just thought ‘shooting lasers pew pew pew’. http://www.cheezburger.com has a lot to answer for (and owes me several hours days of my life back)

And this is what was created:


So, just what makes a meme? A picture may say a thousand words, but these pictures contain a thousand jokes. Short, to the point and often part of an ‘in’ joke. For instance, the bad grammar and reference to shooting lasers (pew pew pew) in the one above is a reference to several ‘in’ jokes which are now really quite old and engrained in Internet humour from lolcats. Cats are apparently the soul of the Internet (that and porn, but I’m sticking with cats here). Funny cat pictures with bad grammar spelling and weird references to fast food and lasers are highly popular.

So what about other memes?


Ragestache is another site containing user generated content based around an ‘in’ joke. For anyone familiar with the site, my kids have just become Derp derping around with le best friend. (Get the old person knowing the lingo!)

Essentially, anyone, or anything has the potential to become a meme; it just has to catch people’s sense of humour which online, often favours the oddball. Hence lolcats, possessive girlfriend, success baby, chemistry cat. Where these images were once passed around closed forums, they are now popping up all over the place. They are not always crass or offensive, in fact the vast majority rely on the reader being reasonably clued up academically.

For instance:


Firstly, you’re going to need to know what Argon is. And some basic understanding of the periodic table.

And it’s not just science geeks (note, not nerds – nerds collect cool stuff, geeks create cool stuff). Ohh no! The literary geeks are at it too…


And as for using bad grammar outside of a meme while online…..


These jokes make intelligence cool. We have spent so long celebrating the pretty morons, that it became uncool to be clever, or have a passion for learning. Those who wanted to learn became ‘nerds’ or ‘boffins’. But meme by meme, the geeks are reclaiming cool. We’re creating a world where intelligence is required to be funny. Its ok to be clever. And boobs are still awesome.


This endeth the lesson.