How do you take your tea madam? On my head please.

Day 11 of No Poo and after 4 days my head feels a bit itchy and could do with a wash. This is a distinct improvement, and after the success of the weekend egg on my head experiment, today, I’m trying out tea.

More specifically chamomile tea (technically this should be roobios tea as I’m an unnatural redhead) with a teaspoon of manuka honey and another of coconut oil mixed into a pudding basin of boiling water.

I used three tea bags, and have left the water to cool (I’m not about to pour boiling water on my head as mental as I may be). Tea is mildly acidic, as is honey which whilst cleaning off the excess oil, helps to close the hair follicles to give the shiny just stepped out of a waterfall look.

Why tea? Well, I’m totally determined to stick this out, but I had a conversation with my long suffering husband that went a bit like this:

H: you could just wash you know
Me: I AM washing, just not with shampoo
H: but you smell like a salad
Me: WHAT?!?
H: not much, just your scalp, but it smells weird
Me: weird how? *Sniffs hair in a panic…. Smells nothing*
Small child: *sniffs my head* “yep. It smells weird”
H: it just smells of nothing really… Just a bit weird… I used to like smelling your hair
Me: I’m not bloody washing it. I’m doing this…..
H: it’s FINE, I’m not asking you to. Just don’t stop shaving or anything like that…. *mutters under his breath* mental hippy

So in the interests of not smelling weird, I’ve just tipped several liters of herbal tea and honey on my head. I certainly don’t smell of vinegar, but I do smell quite strongly of health food shop. I don’t think that’s going to win me any anti-hippy points.


Edit: tis the morning after having let my hair dry naturally all night. Hair does not like tea and I have returned to looking like an unwashed 80s rock icon. So an emergency egg in the shower this morning it is!