My September 2016 Glossybox! All that glitters

Spending a large percentage of your life feeling like crap requires things to make you feel more human. In my world, this includes my monthly surprise in box form.

Note: I am getting no payment or freebies for this review. This is purely a fun thing for me to do when my box arrives! As part of my account, I am given a code for you to get 20% off a box by following this link (this does earn me points towards more boxes)

This is my third month of receiving a Glossybox. A surprise box of goodies that costs me £13.50 (because I pay each month – it’s cheaper if you buy a subscription). July was brilliant, August’s box was a little dissapointing aside from a brilliant eyeshadow pallette, but September has returned to redeem itself.

The box is usually pink, but this month is red to match it being the Red Magazine choice box.

The items in my box included a full size nail top coat, lip stain pen, & eyeliner pen. There was also a sample mascara, a face mask, & a gel face mask. If you wanted to feel pampered, this is your box.

The first big item was actually gifted to my mum. She’s growing her nails back after having acrylic nails removed and is really conscious that her nails stay attractive. I, on the other hand embrace my eccentric academic role with short, unpainted nails which are usually decorated with ink stains. As a full size item, this will last her ages and she tried it out straight away. 

Would I buy this? Not for me, but mum loves it, so it’s on her list!

RRP: £7.99

Next up was the smokey eye pen from Rodial. As an aging goth, I’ve had a love / love relationship with smokey eyes. In my current state of looking a bit like the corpse bride, they have the added bonus of fooling people into thinking you intended to look like this. Since the 90s (yes, I’m that old), a kohl pencil & eye shadow have been my staple eye kit, but this plays the part of pencil without the stabbed in the eye bit & stays smudged without fading. I’m planning on testing this to destruction during parents evenings as I attempt to pass as a professional human from 8am classes through to 8pm end of parent chatter… 

Would I buy this? Hell yes I would! Even at this price.

RRP: £17.00

The final full size product was the pink tint Lip Marker from GOSH. Yes it is a Lip stain. No it is not a highlighter.

As weird as it felt using what appeared to be a chunky felt tip on my lips, this stuff is lovely! The colour is very pale and just left a hint of pink whilst leaving a nice moisture & gorgeous cherry smell. (It tastes nice too… not to eat, but anything you put on your lips will be tasted). I’m not a huge fan of lipstick, so the tint this created was perfect for me.

Would I buy it again? Yes. I’m already looking for the other shades!

RRP: £5.00

Next came the samples. The first one is a mascara from Too Faced which boldly claims it’s Better Than Sex. It’s a sort of half sized sample, but still with the b rush that helps shape lashes. I’ll admit that mascara is the one thing I can’t go without makeup-wise, but whoever declared this better than night time naughties needs to get laid because they seem to have forgotten where a jolly good screaming orgasm comes in the order of things. (For reference, not below a rather nice mascara that doesn’t run down your face even though it’s the hottest day of the year & you’re in a classroom with 30 shouts kids and no aircon).

Would I buy this? Maybe. I’m still very taken with the mascara from July’s box.

RRP:  £19.00

Finally, two face masks were included in my box this month. The first being a Body shop sample & the second a face covering that made me look vaguely like a serial killer. This claims to moisturise your face for up to 5 days through the power of Korean technology. 

As someone who uses exfoliating washes & masks with salicylic acid in anger (with frankly super results on pores & hormonal breakouts), I was keen to find out what the hype was all about here. I’m saving this one as a Sunday night treat in the bath before going back to work. I’m not in desperate need of deep moisturising as the one perk to EDS and it’s defective collagen is lovely soft skin… that tears, and takes ages to heal. Maybe I do need that mask after all!

Would I buy it? I’m not sure yet. But may even for an occasional treat.

RRP: £7.99 per mask

Overall, that was a rather exciting little package and certainly stuffed with enough to keep the September back to school blues at bay. And if they do raise their ugly head, I shall just hide behind my smokey eyes!

The Glossybox website is here & let’s you order a 1 – 12 months subscription. Or click here to be referred by me & get 20% off of your order.

Note: by clicking any of my Glossybox links, you get 20% off your first order & I will earn glossy dots which I can put towards free boxes. As above, these are my honest & done for fun reviews & I am not paid for them.

Check out my Glossybox

Hehe. Sorry, that made me giggle. Not sorry.

A package arrived in the post today. It all started a week or so ago when I was laying in bed doing the pain party conga & feeling about as girly and sexy as a slug. A dehydrated slug.

So I succumbed to the glossy adverts for Glossybox and set up a monthly order for my box of secret girly stuff to be delivered directly to me. At £13 per month, I figured if the first one was awful, it was a one off and I’d cancel it.

Glossybox unopened box for July

Beanpole and I were impressed when we opened the outer package as we were expecting a cheapy type gift bag. Instead there was a nice cardboard box that was totally usable for storing little trinkets in…

Even opened, there was tissue paper with a cute little ribbon around it! (Can you hear my self control flying into the ether?).

Then the probably more important part of the box (probably – we were having great fun getting excited about pretty parcels tbh) which started with a greeting card & a recipe idea for spiralized courgette spaghetti.

Inside was a little (25ml) tube of Utan night cream which contains a gradual self tanning element. As a regular user of Olay’s self tanning day cream in an attempt to hide my unsightly pale complexion & suitcases under my eyes (we’re  way beyond bags with the lack of sleep I get), this sounded quite exciting. 

RRP £12.50 

Would I have indulged in this? Probably not tbh, it’s quite pricey for the size so this is a good way for me to try out a brand I’ve not heard of. This is a potential birthday list product though.

Next up, an F20 Flat Brush from Blank Canvas. I actually had to check that this was synthetic fibre as it’s so soft. I’ve not bought a big make up brush since I splashed out on Bare Minerals & my original brush is still used for everything from powder to my haphazard attempts at contours. It has a nice chunky handle which doesn’t taper off making it easy for me hands to hold even on really crappy days. I’ve been meaning to get another brush for a while, so yay!

RRP: £11.95

Would I have indulged in this? I think so. I would have ummed & ahhhed over the price, but I think it would have won me over.

Next is the Hairon detangle brush. Now, we’ve bought a detangle brush before for the kids and these things are bloodhound awesome. I spend the majority of my time with my hair wrapped in scarves to protect it from breaking any further (after several months of mega vitamin D tablets, the areas that fell out at the start of the year are growing back, but it still breaks easily if I let it tangle or get dry). This one is the perfect size & shape to fit into my hand without causing extra stress on my wrist. This means I can tidy the front all by myself! (I still can’t get to the back without pulling out a joint, but small victories!)

RRP : £6.99

Would I have indulged in this? Clearly I would having already bought one! It’s quite expensive for a small plastic brush, but totally worth it for small screechy people.

Next is Emotion Allowed mascara from Icona Milano. It’s a proper, full sized mascara – not a tester size in sight. It’s waterproof, so perfect for impending holiday & also for current super high pollen days where my eyes are itchy and watery which equals smudgy panda eyes.

The brush is curved & the mascara isn’t too heavy, but doesn’t clump too badly so you can make it heavier if you want. However, it’s light enough for Beanpole to wear it as she tries out how make up feels and still look tasteful.

RRP : £13.04

Would I have indulged in this? It’s not a brand I’ve heard of before, so it’s nice to be persuaded to try something new. It’s a little more than I would usually spend, but it’s nice so I could be persuaded.

And finally  (yep, still going!), anti-perspirant from Soft&Gentle… err sorry, what? Deodorant? Actually, yes. Again, full sized but with a twist. It’s a hair minimising anti-perspirant. Apparently clinically proven to reduce the thickness & growth speed of hair in 8 weeks.

It’s worth a shot & it smells really nice… I wonder if they do whole body spray?

RRP: 2.99

Would I have indulged in this? Tbh, no. This is the kind of thing that I’d usually look at, chuckle and move onto the trusty razors that maintain my body topiary. 

So, was the box worth it? At a RRP of £47.47 compared to my £13 for the box, then Glossybox wins hands down. But what about actually wanting the products? Well, aside from being a bit dubious about the hair reducing deodorant, I’m really rather chuffed with my little gift box and it’s absolutely convinced me to hold out for August’s box of goodies which is a special 5th birthday box.

Where did I sign up? This link takes you to their sign up page

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