Almost Cut My Hair… Then I Did

Ever since I decided to write this blog I’ve been humming the Crosby, Steel, Nash, & Young song that my Dad used to play me as a kid… 

Actually, I did this a few weeks ago before we went away on holiday, but I wanted some time to get used to it before I blogged. 
As some of you know, I’ve spent a great deal of this year wearing headscarves (officially a tichel) to make light of my hair coming out in clumps at the start of the year. I kept it long despite the daily winding up of balls of hair & needing Mr Geek to wash it for me because 1. I couldn’t get my arms up to shampoo & 2. The weight of my wet hair needed me to support my head with my hands. I did this because, well, I gave long red hair. That’s who I am. Until I snapped.

My GP has now put me on an extraordinarily high dose of vitamin D, which I just don’t process and my hair has recovered in as much as my scalp is covered once more. It’s also had an impact on my energy levels & I’ve stopped falling asleep mid conversation for the most part (now, it really is because you bore me).

But I wanted to look “better”. No matter how funky I made my headscarves, being in a wheelchair, they just added to the “sick” look. So I marched my family into the hairdressers & whilst the kids were having their Pre-holiday trim, I asked them to lip off 1ft of hair from my head. I had a vague style in mind & handed her these two photos announcing that I wished to have a midlife crisis & hang about playing the ukulele.

She looked at me & asked if I was completely sure I wanted to cut such long hair & if my husband minded me having so much hair cut off. I opted for even shorter. In my mind, the end result would be the catalyst of me dropping the uptight image & Boho my way through the summer with potential ukulele based nudity.

The reality was close to my mental image even if it took a while to work out how to style it (I have natural ringlets- who knew!?)

From a practical point of view washing, brushing & styling is all infinitely easier with shorter hair and the front is long enough to still be clipped up out of my face.

From a deep down emotional point of view, this is another thing that EDS took away. I can’t manage with long hair anymore & gave in. I loved my hair & to a point also loved my scarves which I will continue to wear when I feel the need to cover  (I didn’t when we went out in Germany & surrounded by women in hijab, I rather wished I had covered some days as a safety blanket). I need to set about working on the new ‘short hair’ identity. It’s still red, but not as red (or pink, or green) as I’d like it to be, but give me time…
When I get back to work, I’ve set myself the mission to tame it into looking more like this:

For those of you who haven’t come across Fleabag, search it out on Amazon (or BBC3 if you’re in the UK). Her hair is amazing. Oh, and the show is tremendous too.

So there you have it – good hair news in that it’s healthy & returning thanks to hearty vit D doses, and other hair news in that my midlife / chronic illness crisis has left me shedding any high flying career ideas that may have once been top of my Maslow triangle,  instead, with holes appearing at the bottom of the hierarchy, I’m reverting back to by teens with a life goal of obtaining that dishevelled & slightly unwell, but still oddly sexy look a la Courteney Love, and a Palmer etc. and playing the ukulele naked somewhere. Now after 2 cesareans, emergency surgeries, & a penchant for Milka, no-one needs to see that!

Just for reference, I was prattling on about where I sit on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – like the foundations of how to be a happy & fulfilled person – without the lower tiers, the higher tiers fail. Based upon this, where are we do you think?

Reduced mobility & Boho clothes are really very suited. There’s another blog right there. But for now, what was your biggest thing you “gave into” because of disability?

Check out my Glossybox

Hehe. Sorry, that made me giggle. Not sorry.

A package arrived in the post today. It all started a week or so ago when I was laying in bed doing the pain party conga & feeling about as girly and sexy as a slug. A dehydrated slug.

So I succumbed to the glossy adverts for Glossybox and set up a monthly order for my box of secret girly stuff to be delivered directly to me. At £13 per month, I figured if the first one was awful, it was a one off and I’d cancel it.

Glossybox unopened box for July

Beanpole and I were impressed when we opened the outer package as we were expecting a cheapy type gift bag. Instead there was a nice cardboard box that was totally usable for storing little trinkets in…

Even opened, there was tissue paper with a cute little ribbon around it! (Can you hear my self control flying into the ether?).

Then the probably more important part of the box (probably – we were having great fun getting excited about pretty parcels tbh) which started with a greeting card & a recipe idea for spiralized courgette spaghetti.

Inside was a little (25ml) tube of Utan night cream which contains a gradual self tanning element. As a regular user of Olay’s self tanning day cream in an attempt to hide my unsightly pale complexion & suitcases under my eyes (we’re  way beyond bags with the lack of sleep I get), this sounded quite exciting. 

RRP £12.50 

Would I have indulged in this? Probably not tbh, it’s quite pricey for the size so this is a good way for me to try out a brand I’ve not heard of. This is a potential birthday list product though.

Next up, an F20 Flat Brush from Blank Canvas. I actually had to check that this was synthetic fibre as it’s so soft. I’ve not bought a big make up brush since I splashed out on Bare Minerals & my original brush is still used for everything from powder to my haphazard attempts at contours. It has a nice chunky handle which doesn’t taper off making it easy for me hands to hold even on really crappy days. I’ve been meaning to get another brush for a while, so yay!

RRP: £11.95

Would I have indulged in this? I think so. I would have ummed & ahhhed over the price, but I think it would have won me over.

Next is the Hairon detangle brush. Now, we’ve bought a detangle brush before for the kids and these things are bloodhound awesome. I spend the majority of my time with my hair wrapped in scarves to protect it from breaking any further (after several months of mega vitamin D tablets, the areas that fell out at the start of the year are growing back, but it still breaks easily if I let it tangle or get dry). This one is the perfect size & shape to fit into my hand without causing extra stress on my wrist. This means I can tidy the front all by myself! (I still can’t get to the back without pulling out a joint, but small victories!)

RRP : £6.99

Would I have indulged in this? Clearly I would having already bought one! It’s quite expensive for a small plastic brush, but totally worth it for small screechy people.

Next is Emotion Allowed mascara from Icona Milano. It’s a proper, full sized mascara – not a tester size in sight. It’s waterproof, so perfect for impending holiday & also for current super high pollen days where my eyes are itchy and watery which equals smudgy panda eyes.

The brush is curved & the mascara isn’t too heavy, but doesn’t clump too badly so you can make it heavier if you want. However, it’s light enough for Beanpole to wear it as she tries out how make up feels and still look tasteful.

RRP : £13.04

Would I have indulged in this? It’s not a brand I’ve heard of before, so it’s nice to be persuaded to try something new. It’s a little more than I would usually spend, but it’s nice so I could be persuaded.

And finally  (yep, still going!), anti-perspirant from Soft&Gentle… err sorry, what? Deodorant? Actually, yes. Again, full sized but with a twist. It’s a hair minimising anti-perspirant. Apparently clinically proven to reduce the thickness & growth speed of hair in 8 weeks.

It’s worth a shot & it smells really nice… I wonder if they do whole body spray?

RRP: 2.99

Would I have indulged in this? Tbh, no. This is the kind of thing that I’d usually look at, chuckle and move onto the trusty razors that maintain my body topiary. 

So, was the box worth it? At a RRP of £47.47 compared to my £13 for the box, then Glossybox wins hands down. But what about actually wanting the products? Well, aside from being a bit dubious about the hair reducing deodorant, I’m really rather chuffed with my little gift box and it’s absolutely convinced me to hold out for August’s box of goodies which is a special 5th birthday box.

Where did I sign up? This link takes you to their sign up page

More ways to be Chronically Optimistic 😆