Breaking your arm sucks, but I’m doing it in style

I defy anyone to criticise an NHS where you can be a total tit, break your elbow roller skating, walk in to a hospital, see a doctor, be X-rayed, patched up and given an appointment with the orthopaedics team all within 2 hours. And without any charge.

I still don’t understand why so many Americans are against this system. It’s just common sense and it is everything that the “all men are born equal” thing is about. Whether you have a heart attack or fall over being an idiot, they’ll treat you. Whether you’re rich or poor, male, female, black, white or rainbow coloured, the staff will do their best. Yes, on occasions it goes wrong and people need to speak up when it does. But the overarching concept is there.

With that said, current treatment for broken elbows is painkillers and a sling. And the sling is already looking worse for wear. After all it is only a triangle of muslin. So this afternoon I single handedly (did you see what I did there?) set about putting together a slightly more robust, and a little more ‘me’ sling.

I’m hoping that they’ll stick my arm in a splint on Wednesday which will give me a bit more of a fighting chance to do normal stuff (if its a neoprene one, swim for a start), and get the kids out to do stuff.

Still, we have a whole week of LSH at home (woo hoo!). And who couldn’t be happy with a Dalmatian arm accessory?

I am Cruella da Ville, hospital edition!