Graze Box Review – oh my brownies!

I got stupidly excited by our first Graze box. For those of you who haven’t been sucked into the snack revolution, this is a company that chooses 4 interesting snacks and posts them out to you in a little box once a week (or more). Delivered, they cost around £3.70 per box, which is pretty much what you’d pay in the shops for this type of snack. You can rate their snacks on their website so typing don’t get any nasty surprises and most of them are reasonably healthy.


Between me and LSH these aren’t going to last very long!

Half of the box has just been noshed by me having a brownie session (you’d never know this was healthy!).

(Um… There were three… I was just testing them out…)

LSH opted for black pepper nibbles with mango chitney


Equally yum!

And for this reason, I’m sticking the code on here for you guys to get yourself a free box when you sign up. (I’m nice like that, and I’m now toying with the idea of getting a second box each week…)

Just enter this code into


Happy noshing!