Stop Trying To Save The NHS Money With Your New Fangled Technology….

We’ll have none of that hocus pocus technology around here.

I actually did a full on Patrick Steward faceplant in response to a perfectly polite email I sent to my GP surgery this morning asking about PoTS.


I happened to have the email of our practice manager and thought that rather than wasting an appointment as I’d literally seen my GP last week and I just needed to forward some readings in, I’d pop it in a quick email.

I asked for an extra referral and if they could pass on some heart rate readings just for reassurance as the chest pain I’d mentioned was still around.

From the response, you’d have thought I’d emailed her a picture of my genitals! I was given a thorough telling off via an email which told me not to use email to converse with the surgery (irony anyone?) and that it was highly inappropriate to send her medical details… because you don’t get to see those working in a health centre?


Then a phone call at 6pm.

Perhaps I’d got it wrong? Maybe the Dr had taken a look…. nope. A receptionist passing on a message that the referral was made but they wouldn’t look at my other information unless it was through “normal channels” – an appointment,  phone call, or letter.

Hang on… a letter? What you mean like a printed version of the electronic letter (That’s what email stands for you know) which takes more than 24 hours to reach you and can be opened by anyone? Or a phone call…. like the one we’re having right now? Ffs (I didn’t say it, but I THOUGHT it really loudly).

I explained in words of one syllable  (6pm…. I’m too tired and in too much pain for this crap) that their appointments are only bookable between 8am – 8.30am (if you’re lucky) which is during my commute to work. She suggested I used the Internet at this time to book an appointment. I asked if she made a habit of using the Internet whilst she was driving. Ok, I may have been a bit tetchy by then.

Final suggestion. Find another Dr as we won’t make this any easier. Nice.


I’m totally feeling the love right now.

And so, people of the Internet, does this look a bit potsy to you? (I’ve been vaguely dizzy on and off since Feb when I mentioned a weird ‘bra too tight’ sort of pain feeling which is still hanging around in and off). These screenies were laying down then just standing up. No jumping jacks, or exciting moves (ha! As if.)



(I will, rather than just asking the wisdom of the internet, apparently be wasting another GP appointment tomorrow to ask what could’ve been sorted by a quick phonecall… grumble grumble… but could do with a bit of reassurance )

#fiveminutefriday – Would you just LISTEN!

The premise is simple: We write for five minutes flat. All on the same prompt that is post on the Lisa Jo Barker’s site at 1 minute past midnight EST ever Friday. And we connect on Twitter with the hashtag #FiveMinuteFriday

No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation.
Unscripted. Unedited. Real.

This week: Listen.

It’s been a good few months since LSH and I fell out or had a real argument. If I’m honest, we’ve been together now over a decade and I can count the number of real arguments we’ve had on my fingers (possibly on one hand). We are generally quite composed people and if one of us is being irrational and mental, we can tell the other flatly and openly. This generally ends up in giggling.

But just occasionally, one of us flips. And with good reason. When that does happen it’s usually because one of us has stopped listening. The frustration that builds when someone hears your words, but isn’t understanding what you mean is immense and it occurred to me that the last time I screamed at LSH, I used the words “Would you just f******** LISTEN to me?!!?”. He had listened, but what he heard was the irrational rantings of a mad woman, but hadn’t understood that my rantings were born of deep seated insecurities. Once we actually stopped being busy and listened to each other, it was ok. Or at least it was better.

These frustrations are generally kept in check – as a parent and a teacher, the number of times I have to do various dances, songs and evil threats to maintain kids attention on a daily basis leaves me exhausted, but rarely frustrated on the same level (here, I could talk about ‘lunch leaves’, lolly sticks, fancy dress hats and brain gym …. Did I mention I teach ages 13-18?!). Perhaps I just extend less patience to LSH, or perhaps because we are usually so in tune with each other, it’s frightening when we don’t understand each other. Either way, the response is toddler-esq and dissipates just as fast. Neither of us sulk; mainly because the other will not put up with it. The kids have picked up on this and during our last bickering session (totally understandable as we were trying to put up a tent. It’s practically the law to argue while doing this), they wandered off on their bikes and came back asking loudly “Have you two finished yet?”.

I hope my girls find partners who are both able to listen and put up with their own irrational madness with as much grace as LSH shows on a daily basis. If not, they at least have the self-confidence not to put up with any sulky crap their partner throws at them.

Marriage: 1 part listening, 1 part talking, 1 part responsibility, diluted with humour, silliness and innuendo 😉