Dealing with doubt by impressing yourself

I’ve been reading a book on how positive thinking can actually make you even more depressed than usual. (How very British!) but actually, I’ve put this theory into practice today.

The idea is that you consider what is happening, what you think you want to do and consider why you are too scared to get off your backside and do it. When you think about it rationally, the worst that could happen is usually not as bad as what you are imagining, and actually the human condition can survive a hell of a lot.

This isn’t about the pursuit of happiness, but contentment, or the absence of unhappiness.

To be content, we need to stop thinking we must have everything. A term coined “musterbation”.

And for now I must stop twittering on about the latest psychology study I’m reading and show you my little project of the evening: My CV

Nothing like listing what you’ve actually achieved to create a sense of contentment.