The Whining After The Storm

Some quotes from my Facebook Feed this morning: “Well that was boring!”, “What Storm? #Anticlimax”.

Now I know that yesterday I was promoting the don’t panic party, but if you weren’t hit too badly, isn’t that a cause for celebration? I must say, after sleeping like a meerkat all night, popping up every 30 mins to check our large trees which were dancing in the wind, I am thankful that we got away basically unscathed.

Others weren’t so lucky.



So, perhaps before you berate the weather reporters, remember the storm was pretty much spot on what the scientists were reporting (not the tabloids), trees did come down, people are without power, people have been hurt. This was not a competition. Be thankful that your family and wallets got away unscathed.

Perhaps the fact that so many people were being sensible and putting things away meant that less damage was done.

Forewarned is forearmed.