Minion Nail Art – bottom hehehe

It’s been a while since I did crazy nails and after yesterday’s use of Warhammer paint for inappropriate purposes, I thought I’d do it again.

End result, minion nails.


This wasn’t long after and the black had already started to chip. Lesson here? Put a clear top coat on as acrylic base black chips really quickly!

I’ll just have to re-do them tomorrow! More Art in August 🙂

Talk to Your Inner Teenager About Art in August

I’ve been following another blog who sent out a request to fellow bloggers to guiltily say hello to their inner child and do some Art in August. You should check out her blog here. The idea is you hijack your kid’s art things, or dig out your own and just be creative. It doesn’t have to be good, it just has to be ‘you’.

I’m not one to refuse a challenge and in between trying to work out these socks, I decided to spend some proper time with the kids. Rather than just setting up the paints and letting them go, I sat down with them and painted too!

It all started yesterday…. (cue wobbly visuals and iffy music)

While we were at the beach, my friend Catherine suggested that each of her children collect a single pebble to take home as a momento. I followed suit and each of us selected a single pebble. And today I found a new use for my Warhammer paints (the guy at the ‘hobbit shop’ would have a fit!). It started off with the cool stone I found…


Once washed, I covered it in a base colour. And gazed at it for a while. What or who do you look like?
In my head I’m having conversations with my 12 yr old self who is demanding that this be a zombie. But I’m being a frog right now, I argue back…


In the background we had Paranorman on the TV, and all of a sudden it got a bit Tim Burton in my head. Fine, we’ll compromise. It’ll be a zombie frog. I call this piece “Frog Zombie – Partied Hard”.


So there’s my first bit of art in August. I got the paints out and painted a stone with the kids. They painted hearts and flowers (and themselves, and the table) and I painted a zombie frog. I’d say I was still pretty much fully in touch with my teenage self.

Oh, and after yesterday’s I’m really old crisis, the red hair is back with avengance – I put make up on (although I’m not ready to dig out the foundation just yet). And to prove it, here’s an appalling MySpace/duck face style photo!


… And just to finish the evening off properly, I finished the second attempt at the sock and it worked! I made a sock! I just need to make the other one 🙂


Oh The Cleverness of You!

“Can I borrow your iPad?”, comes the familiar request from the short people in my life. It’s a work tool. I use it for research, as an interactive teaching tool and for writing hundreds of inane blogs about random things.

I also have an app called Paper which I use to demonstrate the joys of wireframe designing software interfaces (oh yes, I’m just that exciting). But this morning, TinyPants decided to hijack the app and create her own masterpiece to send home to Nana & Grumpy who she’s missing while we are off on our travels.

I know by 7 I should be cooing over her written words and her mastering some form of instrument, but her drawings never fail to make me happy. Just like listening to Beanpole reading aloud in her expressive tones.

So here is today’s breakfast masterpiece. Another of the many reasons for reassessing my life priorities – there is no job satisfaction or prestige that could match the pride in her face when I set this as our current screensaver.