Stepping on the scales…

I was dubious about weighing myself this morning in case absolutely nothing had changed (or worse, I’d gone up despite subjecting myself to protein shake ice cream!).

But, here’s the numbers:

1st July: 86.9 Kg
14th July: 85.5Kg
15th July: 84.9Kg

It’s probably all water, but its the visual kick start I need.

Day One – the Not Cambridge Diet

Apparently keeping a food diary is proven to help you get results from a diet, so here’s today’s morsels (frankly I’m writing about it because I can’t eat it).

Breakfast – graze box nuts. 98 cals (no protein shakes in house)

Lunch – half a protein shake with water & crushed ice. Frappe style! 97 cals


Dinner – small serving of vegetable risotto & a pork chop. 400 cals


Now? Bollocking hungry.

Evening – I made a full protein shake into ice cream this afternoon and divided it into two guilt free tubs! (I have 200 cals left for the day – fake ice-cream should do it!)

I am told that the first 4 days are the worst. Right now EVERYTHING tastes better than thin feels.

*Edit – it turns out that protein shake ice cream is not that bad.*