The Parody of Politics

As autumn draws in, there’s a generalised darkened mood over in these parts. I am, as some on Twitter would describe me a “liberal lefty”, although I prefer to think of myself as a humanist. I have retained the idealistic notion of my youth that a person is still a person no matter what their colour, gender, birth place, sexual orientation, or ability. It was one of the “British values” I was brought up with where community was celebrated. 

And now? In the UK we have a Prime Minister who got the job by default after all other candidates dropped out (albeit, she may well have been the lesser of a number of evils) who is forging ahead with a policy that she campaigned against with such zest that it is possible to imagine that she is doing it as some bizarre punishment to those who voted to leave the EU. Claims of making everything fairer come across like Goldilocks talking to what appears to be grandma, but in this scenario the woodcutter is too busy being bludgeoned by other woodcutters to burst in and save you. Our opposition party should just be ashamed of themselves. Politics is about representing the people, not fighting for top positions. They have a leader with an idealistic vision with the potential to inspire a whole generation to become politically engaged. The Labour party has in its power the chance to have its Obama moment. 

Politics in the UK is rather like the weeping angels scene in Dr Who: it’s OK whilst you have your eyes open, but blink & they’ll bite your face off.

The US is a whole other kettle of eyebrow raising fish. There are parts of the US that make me pleased to be alive – tales from The Tree house Guy who’s entire purpose on this planet is to make people happy is my secret delight right now. On the days when the kids are with Mr Geek’s parents, when I get home from work I sit and watch this with my Dad & all is right with the world. And that conversation always goes:

Dad “I’d love to do that”

Me “Yeah. You’d be amazing at building that stuff. It’s a shame we’re not over there with the space & planning laws. You could never do that here.”

Dad “But it’s not a good place to be really”

Both sigh.

Either one “Have you seen/heard/read the latest Trump fiasco?”

For two people with such wildly differing political allegiances, we agree that Trump is beyond a nightmare and fear for the wider world if he gets elected. Thankfully, that’s looking less likely, but I’m baffled after the past month how anyone would consider him fit to hold a sharp knife, let alone the post of president of the US. I’ll address the elephant in the room- I’m not wholly keen on Clinton either, but let’s face it, she’s less likely to push the big red button because someone hurt her feelings on Twitter.

I had a whole other tangent planned after reading this report on the policies, but they rather speak for themselves.

Instead, for now, I will leave this imploring note to anyone unsure which way to vote. During the campaigning here, the leave campaign used the phrase Make Britain Great again (sound familiar? Although it makes more sense here as Great Britain is our official title). A fraction over half of the voters believed this, and despite not yet leaving, we have seen a spike in violent hate crime and our currency is at its lowest point in living memory having lost a fifth of its value. Food prices are going up & wages are already being squeezed with major companies moving elsewhere. People who were born as Europeans face having that removed from them & just being British. Anyone who complains is labelled a “bremoaner” and told to suck it up. Oh and our political parties are too busy infighting to actually function as a parliment. This is a tiny taster of what it might be like to have to live with that kind of decision.

3 thoughts on “The Parody of Politics

  1. As horrific as Trump is, even more frightening is the fact that we’re seeing that kind of mentality playing out in other nations, as well – just as you point out. The U.S. Is a pretty rotten place to be just now. I’m pinning my hopes on the possibility of a landslide in favor of Clinton and Democratic legislators…because the alternative is too awful to contemplate.


  2. I am literally sick about this election. I have watched and read and tried to educate myself so as not to be accused of being a no or low information voter.

    I do understand that many of those who back Trump are looking for someone to give them a job but I also understand that times have changed and instead of finding a job, the time has come where most will have to create their own job. The times they are a changing, oh wait, the times have already changed. Sorry for the folks whose old jobs are gone but they need to stop looking backwards and stop blaming. They also need to take some initiative and reeducate and/ or relocate.

    Before getting to this state of unwellness, I did a little volunteer work for the 3rd party candidate, Gary Johnson. So as not to embarrass myself, I point out that this was prior to the What is Aleppo? debacle. He seems like a nice enough prior Governor but I don’t think he is going to win and therefore I don’t want to cast my vote in vain.

    While volunteering, I met some interesting people and some really scary people. The scary ones were the Trump backers and one in particular would not have surprised me if he had a stock of white bed sheets in his wardrobe. This “person” who I found repugnant was at the Virginia State Fair and he was a “nasty” man. He was also wearing a baseball cap with the stars and bars and he really could have just yesterday been in the 1860’s. Of course he spewed ignorant nonsense and hatred, but worse than that, he made me afraid for and by his children standing at his hips. Will they carry on in his footsteps hating people they have never met?

    Thank god and the government that this excruciating election cycle is scheduled to end 11/8. I am waiting until election eve to make my final decision just in case some miracle occurs. Sans that miracle, I’m With Her.

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