You aren’t my friend if you Light it Up Blue

I won’t speak for autistic people as a neurotypical person, but I’d like to share their own words.
From me, you are valued whatever your neuro ends with. My daughter was not something to be cured, or prevented. My sister-in-law is no less special – in fact, since diagnosis she has blossomed. Be accepting, not just aware.

The Caffeinated Autistic

Today is World Autism Day. Today, many people have participated in “Light it Up Blue”. I am not one of them.

Please do not misunderstand. I am not trying to ignore autism. I am not trying to say acknowledgment of autism and the move toward greater awareness is a bad thing.

But you are not my friend if you participate KNOWINGLY in an event that was created by an organization who portrays autistic people as burdens, who for a long time were very anti-vaccine in their rhetoric, who have filmed a then-member of their board talking about her thoughts about killing her autistic child and herself (but didn’t because her NT child needed her), and who silences autistic people, removing the very mention of us from our own stories, because clearly, portraying us as capable would ruin the image they are attempting to portray of us. This organization, of course…

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2 thoughts on “You aren’t my friend if you Light it Up Blue

  1. Thank you so much for this eye opening piece. My husband’s nephew was diagnosed with Asbergers years ago and he is now entering no man’s land as he is graduating from high school this summer. No man’s land because after public schooling, there is not a lot of support for young adults.

    Autism does not lessen the value of a human being! A label cannot define a person. We are each much too complicated for that.

    I will research more about the Autism Speaks “corporation” before another donation is made from this household.

    Thanks again for making me aware.


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