The Zebra Stole My Spoons

There’s this lady I know who has inspired me to be a bit more kickass than the boys despite being in a male dominated industry. There aren’t many people who can keep a bunch of nerds in check and stop the regular as clockwork Creative Tantrums and not lose their mind.

Anyway, not only can she corral the nerds, but she’s also a fabulous illustrator and has created these bad boys for our Expect Zebras app. We’re so drawn to the second one and his cheeky face, but the first one has a simplicity that would be easy to work with and reminds me of a sock toy. Uuugh! What do you think?


I can’t wait to see one of these guys on all our stuff. I never expected these Zebras – what a lovely surprise!

7 thoughts on “The Zebra Stole My Spoons

  1. I love both but I wonder if the surprised look might put some people off. There’s something about the first one that gives off a feeling of calm and serenity, which is what you ultimately want your system to give people. Just my opinion – logos are always quite devisive when you have them designed and ask people’s opinions, but in general I think simple is best. Plus I’d rather be a zebra that looks happy and content, rather than one that is perpetually a bit confused, which is how if feel right now trying to recall exactly when the GP is next meant to be coming out to see me – a problem that would be solved of course if I had your app etc etc xx


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