Soothing The Gluten Monster

Some days you just wake up feeling like crap. Today was one of those days. During the night I woke up screaming in pain having just instinctively pulled my legs up after the bloody cat bit my foot. Most normal people would just swear at the animal and go back to sleep, instead I popped out a hip.

Clearly a killer this one.


Having spent the morning and early afternoon frowning at my planning for next week, I decided I needed a pick me up if I was going to tackle next week. Time for a healthier version of a hot toddy & I found just the foundations of this drink on the Eight Hours Blog.

Ingredients :
– half a juiced lemon
– half a juiced orange
– grated fresh ginger
– 2 cloves
– 1 cardamon pod
– 1 cinnamon stick
– a few dried (or not) cranberries
– coconut water
– honey to sweeten


What possessed me to combine these things in a single cup? Aside from the insane mutterings of someone who threw caution to the wind when they should’ve avoided gluten, it’s actually rather good for you.

Stimulates the liver to produce bile which aids digestion, but also encourages bowel movements.

An excellent source of vitamin C, which has been shown to help decrease joint inflammation and also helps absorb iron.

Can be used to tone the muscles of the digestive tract which helps motility. Because things are moving more normally, the pain from inflammation is reduced!

Another anti-inflamitory, cloves also have pain killing effects and taste a little bit like Christmas.

Cardamom pod
The oils inside the pod have anti-spasmodic effects which can sooth the GI tract (and also tastes a bit of Christmas… can you see where I’m going with this?)

It tastes like mulled Christmas.

Another good source of vitamin C, but also has soothing properties for your stomach lining.

Coconut water
More than just standard water. This has extra vitamins and is good at hydrating the body quickly (I’m a suckered for all things coconut)

My general method was to juice the fruit and bung it into a mug along with the spices.


The ginger needs to be grated. And you’ll only need a teaspoonish of grated ginger. After that, top it up with coconut water and add a dollop of honey.


This needs to be warmed up to get the flavour to infuse, so we stuck it in the microwave for 2 minutes. We removed the cinnamon stick and I hugged the lovely cup of yummy.

Aside from tasting nice, it really did perk me up and no caffeine 🙂


There may be a few more of these this week now we’re back to school & work.

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