Weirdos Like Me

Some days feel very lonely in the world of me. Mr Geek is a constant source of silliness in my life, but sometimes I just need my friends to cheer me up. It’s just that they live bloody miles away! Then along comes Facebook.

I posted a thing that’s doing the rounds on 9Gag about women braiding their own beards & instantly got whoops from 2 special people, so I thought I’d give it a go. No mirror,  no dexterity in my fingers, but a beard was created.


Then Mrs Gypsytree followed suit with her own dreadlock version. She doesn’t take much egging on to be my partner in crime…


We were kinda dissapointed that GiddyKnitter hadn’t joined in the fun, but ce la vie….. then we realised that she’d gone full beard. She nailed it.


My friends, no matter the huge distances between us make me feel like I’m not the only loony in this bin. You bearded women are awesome.

And they have better beards than me.

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