Testing 123

This weekend is my final chance to make utterly sure that I want to return to my GP and hand back the Tramadol. I’m also going to hand over these blog posts as they are more “at the time” accounts. (Like childbirth, after the event the more unpleasant bits are blanked out).

We decided to wait until Friday night to give tramadol another go at night after last week’s lack of sleep.

I took 100mg at 9.30pm alongside the usual gabapentin. On previous nights I have taken 60mg dihydrocodeine and 2 x 30mg/500mg co-codamol which takes away just enough pain to sleep from 11 ish until 3, then with another 60mg of dihydrocodeine I get through to the morning.

It’s 2.30am and I’ve not got to sleep yet. My right hip is throbbing and my right knee popped out as I turned over. There’s throbbing and pressure pain all down that leg. My lower spine & pelvis is burning, although the sciatica remains at bay. Higher up, my mud back aches as do my shoulders – my left shoulder is sharp and  stabbing as I move (from my collarbone being slightly out and won’t go back in easily). I have a headache that is more of a neck ache that is hitting the back of my head.

I’m on a definite 9 on the pain scale right now. I’m blogging both for reference and as a tool to remain calm. I’m using breathing techniques to control my breathing and remain in control of my pain.

2nd dose of 100mg tramadol taken at 2.40pm.

Ok, dose 2 had more effective. I slept on and off until 7 this time and woke up with my teeth clenched so hard that my jaw aches (it was already sore as it had popped out at school on Thursday ).
4 hours broken sleep is not enough though, and I shouldn’t need to be held like a small child just to get though the pain.

My leg has dulled now, my mid back pain has spread out to my ribs & my elbows have joined in with my shoulders. However, I think now having done this experiment under a number of conditions I can safely say it doesn’t work for me, but I’ve given it my best shot.



5 thoughts on “Testing 123

  1. That stinks it’s not working 😦 . I take tramadol for my neuropathic pain, and it works great for that. For actual broken bits, I find hydro or oxycodone to be more effective (yet those do very little to dull the nerve pain). Wish it helped you more than it did. Pain filled sleepless nights are the absolute worst. Hang in there!


    • I wanted to be totally sure before I handed them back to the doctor. I can at least go back to my old stuff today. She did say it might not work so I’m not to dissapointed and I can at least rest up today and cwtch up with my kids.


  2. I take Tramadol and all it does is dull the pain slightly. I also take co-codamol 30/500 and Pregabalin. With all of that, the best I can hope for is an hour of slightly dulled pain, and then it is back to the start. I really do feel for you sweetie. (((hugs))) xxxxxx


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