The Slowest Roller Coaster In The World

Walking up stairs has become pretty much a no go. For the last few months I’ve been rationing my trips up and down stairs as part of my pain management. But today, a new contraption was installed that will make life a lot easier.


My slowest roller coaster in the world happily deposited me at the top of the stairs without the need for teeth grinding, sharp intakes of breath, or any additional dislocations. Although going around the corner was pretty scary!


When we had our staircase built, we never considered that we’d ever need a stairlift. It was quite a shock to see my beautiful stairs attached to a massively intrusive rail (the brochure makes it look much more discreet). But seriously,  curved staircase = 3× the price. In this case £5000, and a good reason to apply for PIP!


You know what was best though? My dad gave me a hug when I got to the top and he was really happy that he’d done something practical to help. Hugs from dad are pretty rare.


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