Show Me The Way To Go Home…

Tired has different levels. Tonight’s tired is a special kind of tired.


Going out for dinner last night did more than play havoc with my intestines, but has had some kind of altercation with my body.


This morning I slept in until 11 and a visit to Mr Geek’s family just trashed any energy I got back from sleeping in. I’ve been really potsy all day with random dizzy spells and not able to keep warm at all. I just want to lay down and vegetate.


Sadly, I can’t. I had prep to do for work this week and masses of poo has hit fans over a special event I’ve been organising. I’m not wholly sure how to deal with it. What I have done is randomly drop off during conversations and generally be pretty useless all day.


Poor Mr Geek hasn’t had it much better. My weird sleep patterns are disturbing him and he’s reaching he end of the line with people demanding his attention left right and centre. He needs a break, but can’t just hand over to me and piss off on his own for a while. He’s just too nice to say no & is making himself ill looking after & worrying about me.

We both need a week to just stop & sleep & probably attempt a normal relationship.


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