Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

I’ve had an utter bitch of a day & I’m going to release it into the world with a great big rant…

I’m basically shit on Thursdays. I’m worn out and generally depleted of all reserves,  so when things conspire, I don’t handle them well. It’s a pattern that other people have noticed too, and today I think I can say I didn’t cope.

I woke up tired which is reasonably standard, but got dressed and sipped some coffee. On the way in I made mental plans to call for help when I got out of the lift to make it up the ramp without dislodging my shoulder like I did on Tuesday (pleeeeeeease hurry up electric chair!). I got to work and managed to park in the disabled bay which is on a weird curve and with the parking sensors being out atm careering into the wall is imminent. I crutch shuffled to the boot & unpacked the chair as everything became nicely damp from the pitter patter of driving rain. *You can do this. Just get in the warm*

The lift is at the back of the building, so off I propel up the ramp to the main door, along the corridor to the maths door,  up the slope to the humanities door, through the block fire door & along to the lift (very thankful that our students have exceptional manners and hold all the doors for me). I saw one of my fellow teachers at the bottom and asked if they’d meet me at the top for the final push. *going better!*.

I push the lift button. Nothing. Try my keys again. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. NOTHING. Urgh lift broken.


Dragged self into work because people had gone out of their way to change my teaching room to a more accessible one and now I can’t access it. Sat in chair contemplating if you can throw toys out of something that isn’t a pram. Asked a lovely child to go to the office for help.  Lovely office ladies arrive and in my overtired Thursday reaction burst into tears. Like a total professional (what is wrong with me???!). Just finding being alive frustrating. So, off to the office I propel to arrange cover for registration and hopefully fixing of the lift.

As it was, they turned the lift on and off again and it sort of fixed  (as in it works, but I have to bump the chair up a several inch ‘curb’ as it’s not entirely reaching the 1st floor. I feel so safe)

As usual, the kids were awesome, and lessons went as planned. I had no duty at break, so I wheeled back to the lift to get to the accessible toilet (downstairs). It’s not what you’re thinking, aside from the weird step,  the lift was fine. But the toilet was locked. Not locked as in occupied, but deadlocked to prevent use.


Back I go to the front office to ask if anyone has a key. No…. but as they are awesome ladies, this wasn’t going to stop them. They were straight on the phone to premises who said they’d deal with it later. But I need a wee now!

The only other accessible loo is the other end of the school, so I’d better get a wheel on. There’s only 10 minutes left of break. The bell went as I wheeled myself back and I resigned myself to being late for class.

Whilst I resigned myself to this just being a shitty day, the awesome ladies weren’t having any of it and found me in my classroom to tell me that they’d called in occupational health to make sure that I have everything I needed.

During lunch, I headed down to the junior part of the school for the final lesson. Still raining.

Finally time to go home and I headed out to the car. Across the playground, heaving my chair, in the rain. It doesn’t get more pathetic than this. I was tired & grumpy & wet.


For those of you who don’t live here and think British weather is just all about the drizzle, it’s not. The three villages I drove through to get home were all flooded. No one batted an eyelid – crappy weather is par of the course.

I miss the warm summer weather with its muted joint pain.


Mr Geek hands me a lovely bowl of noodles as I realise that I haven’t actually eaten all day aside from a herbal tea.

Now in bed with the tens machine massaging my knees and my lovely teddy bear fluff blanket warming me up.

Tomorrow will be a better day.


6 thoughts on “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

  1. I’m not going to like this post, because I can’t like thinking of you having such a shitty day. Does that makes sense? I hope so. I wish I lived nearer so I could stop by with good ice cream and chocolates. Sending gentle (((hugs))) your way.x


    • It knocked me for 6 that one. But I’ve had a lesson in overdoing it because the dysautonomia flared up this morning and I ended up crawling back to bed dizzy, boiling & clammy. I can deal with palpitations, but joined by this lot. Urgh!

      I’ve just woken up after sleeping all morning with a fan over me.

      One must learn to regulate her spoons!

      (Internet hugs are very much appreciated)


  2. Oh dear! It seems to me to be so straightforward – they have to take the accessible part of things seriously where you work, and if something needs repair, GET RIGHT ON IT! Also, why is the handicapped parking place so far from the lift? Is there one closer that you could have reserved for you? No wonder you are ill today, that would wear out anyone!


    • They are doing their best with what they have. Whilst it’s utterly frustrating for me, it’s equally frustrating for them. Because I’m in education, our budgets are so tight right now that any extra expense will mean something taken away from another area. We’re working with old buildings where constructors never had to consider accessibility. A few more tweaks and we’ll be good.

      It’s also hard to see the obstacles until you’re actually in that situation. So I don’t blame them at all.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I think I work more out of obligation to keep going.
      Everyone here is determined that normality shall continue. We’re all very stiff upper lip.
      When I was a kid, you had to be in an iron lung to get a day off school!
      One day I’m going to stop, then I’ll sleep. Probably for a decade!


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