I Don’t Know What To Say To You, but @emilymcdowell_ does

Even Mr Geek has been bottling up all his fears recently. It’s shitty when someone you love is falling apart and you can’t help.

Just so it’s very very clear: Mr Geek, I love you, you’re a dick head & also everything I ever wanted. And I love you.

Right, now that’s done, for those of you who also don’t know what to say to that friend who’s having a shitty time, let me introduce you to Emily McDowell and her proper greeting cards.

These are some of my favourites & if anyone wants to get me any of these, it’ll be much more gratefully received that a get well soon card. Mainly because I won’t so it’s sort of a waste of paper.

This one is absolutely my favourite.


… or maybe this one is


This is good too…


My friends have totally said this to me 🙂


I should really send this to someone that I had a long awaited chat with last night.


Mrs Gypsytree or in fact Mr Gypsytree would totally do this 🙂


Isn’t she just the best card writer?


I haven’t been paid for this post or anything. A friend posted a link on Facebook and I just think she nailed empathy cards perfectly. This is the kind of stuff that actually you want to hear when your life / body falls apart.

Thank you Emily.

overexcited edit: Emily liked my post!!!!


3 thoughts on “I Don’t Know What To Say To You, but @emilymcdowell_ does

  1. I’m so glad we’re not the only ones struggling with the other spouse not knowing how to cope with the falling apart thing. I’m really hoping that gets easier some time soon and also that the freefall itself actually stops. Love this post and love the cards x


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