You Can’t Be Serious

Not all the time. Today has kicked my arse.

I pulled out my shoulder trying to propel myself up an accessible ramp (oh yes. I did that), my swallowing / stomach is at a point that even ordering pizza to tempt my taste buds ended up with me with stomach cramps and palpitations  (wtf?!).

So, I decided to cheer up a bit. Hopefully these will make you giggle too 🙂

Yeah EDS… You’re only kicking my arse because no one else can.


The less spoken about aide of humour. And yes, I’ve totally dislocated a hip during nocturnals… and my jaw 😉

Totally not sexy.


Not so much a meme, but a useful image for when I feel so bloody old! At least now I know why!


That’s me that is. Skilled.


This is basically me after lesson 1 each day. My kids are so lovely that they followed me about today opening doors and carrying tea for me. I looked extra super terrific today.


I’ve not seen this one before, but I may just stick it above my desk!


Pretty much how I react each time I see my GP. Apart from today. Today’s locum was astoundingly helpful. And talked to me like a human 🙂


I’m not religious. I’m agnostic at best, but I like this.


Not EDS related, but this is also my cat Thomas. And he’s a meme 🙂


Finally, a serious one just to finish up.

I have no wish to take anything away from cancer awareness, but reading so many blogs about chronic illness makes you wonder where all the other adverts are. Fibro, ME, MS, dysautonomia, RA. There are so many 😦


Crap. That ended on a bit of a downer. Here, let me sing you the song of my people.


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