Independent Woman

When the girls were babies, it was a military operation to just get out of the house. It was exhausting to just go out for a cup of coffee & go to the park. Much of their first years should’ve looked like this:


But was actually more like this:


Now it’s me that needs a military bloody operation to leave the house.

For the first time in months we were leaving the house not for work & without Mr Geek. It was unnerving how worried I was (Although I didn’t let on to the kids). I wanted him there to keep us all safe, but he was working in London so we had to suck it up and brave the world by ourselves. This is a bit weird for me having still strongly believed that I was that strong independent Woman who didn’t need anyone… when actually it turns out that I needed help from my kids to push the chair and really wanted that reassuring pat from Mr Geek. I’ve lost a bit of me to the chair.

So off we trundled veering wildly down the path & hoping we’d make it in one piece and eventually got to the little cafe in the village at the end of our road. And found a step. Oh ffs.

Thankfully people were on hand to help give me a shove.

Next stop was the park for the girls. The wind is chilly & I’m flipping freezing, but the girls are having a lovely time just being normal and haring around the play equipment.

The one thing I did notice is that our previously 10 minute walk has become an absolute mission in the manual chair. The minute there’s a camber or drop curb, I’m buggered. And whilst there are drop curbs everywhere, not all drop curbs are made equal. There’s nothing more terrifying that being stuck on a road whilst your 10 year old attempts to tip you up enough to get your wheels back up on the pavement. Give them their due,  the girls were fantastic. However, I’m particularly thankful that the power chair is on order.

To tick another thing off of the list, I also got over myself and called the DWP about applying for PIP. I’m doing it to stop it hanging over my head, but also because we appear to be hemorrhaging money for various mobility equipment.

All round it’s been a productive day, so I don’t mind too much that I’m avoiding sleep due to an excellent tension headache that is making my neck & wisdom teeth throb. Mainly because I spent an hour electrocuting the worst of it with the tens machine stuck to the back of my neck…. which is surprisingly soothing. No such luck on long term headache removal.


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