I Used To Be an Adventurer…

I’m not sure I could get grumpier right now.

Left leg up on my mega cushion with my knee throbbing and making weird arse cracking sounds when I flex it. This is the end result of turning around earlier to a pop! then, uncomfortable shifting of something in my knee. Followed by not wholly happy about putting any weight on it. I figured that it was just being wobbly so I huddled under blankets and had an ‘I’m too cold and everything hurts nap’.


Going up to bed, I had to bum shuffle up the stairs as an invisible person was stabbing me in the knee with glass. Which was a nice balance to the bursitis that usually makes stairs painful.


I’m waiting it out with RICE and extra codeine, but this is feeling like an A&E job to put it back in properly.




3 thoughts on “I Used To Be an Adventurer…

  1. After he leaves your house that invisible man comes to mine!! It’s awful I know… But on the bright side…. nope I got nothing.. there’s no bright side.. snuggle in with some NEFLIX if you have it where you live, and power watch a season of your favorite show… Sorry to hear you are hurting. 😦


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