Date Night: Then and Now

After nearly ten years of marriage, date night is a nice space for both of us, although it’s changed a bit since our first dates….


Venue (Then): Cheesy meal out at Nando’s or similar then cinema.

Venue (Now): Hydrotherapy pool

Dress Code (Then): black, black and more black. Big baggy skater jeans & skinny band / weird cartoon tshirts. Vans.

Dress Code (Now): Comfy pull on clothes that are at least a tiny bit stylish (proper trousers, a buttonless blouse, and a chunky cardigan from being at work), then swimsuit & floatation belt.

Conversation (Then): music, cartoons, not so subtle suggestions of what we should get up to later

Conversation (Now): kids, cool stuff we’ve done at work, which bits hurt, ooh look! My bursitis is swollen… seriously, feel it! Ewwww!

Sexy Time (Then): Titanic style window steaming in my shitty young person car with added bra fumbling. Followed by wine drinking and falling into the washing basket.

Sexy Time (Now): Mr Geek helping me out of my swimsuit and helping me get dressed. Helicopter style waving of willies (which never gets old). Followed by handing me a hot bowl of homemade stew from the slow cooker & painkillers.

Bed (Then): generally unmade, fallen into slightly tipsy whilst we snogged until our lips fell off.

Bed (Now): double thick mattress and full body pillow with separate extra blankets for me that I can snuggle under and throw off at random points during the night. Helped into. Kissed goodnight.

It’s not all bad. It’s just different.



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